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In suit with the world
The Moscow Government, The Moscow Culture Committee, and the Museum of Art Naive invite you on the exhibition of drawings by Boris Pavlov "In suit with the world."

The first part of works is autobiographic; there is a series of drawings illustrating it. The second part is philosophical thoughts. Philosophical thoughts are about aspiration of all flesh to the absolute love, trust, comprehension, and naturalness

You may visit the exhibition till June, 20 2004.

Catherine the Great. 275 years of her birth
There was opened an exhibition "Catherine the Great. 275 years of her birth" in the State Historical Museum. Catherine the Great was born on April 21 (May 2) 1729 and mount Russian throne in 1762. The anniversary of Catherine the Great the State Historical Museum celebrate by a small exposition in the frames of exhibition "The relics of Russian State". There are represented things, which have huge historical value: private things, autographs and portraits of Catherine the Great.

The exhibition will be opened until May 10 2004.

The State Historical Museum
Moscow 1/2, Red Square
(095) 292-4019, 292-3731
Future art
There was opened an exhibition of the famous animalist Aleksandr Belashov. This exhibition is devoted to the 70-anniversary of the painter, it is going to take cause in the Russian Academy of Art. You will see there over 250 works, made during painter's life. It is amazing, manifold, and very special exposition.

This exposition is something like a huge symphonic poem about the world, its problems and complications, harmony and beauty.

The Exibition Hall of the Russian Academy of Arts
Moscow 21, Prechistenka street
(095) 201-4150
"The world without corners"
Photo exhibition of Anatoly Erin's works

Anatoly Erin's works are very modest and quiet. There are not many affects and stalky techniques, which are now so widely spread because of quick development of photographic engineering. Nevertheless, in his works we can find something what hard to say in words. The main theme of his works is - landscape. Miracle monocles, made of spectacle glasses, bought in chemists shop help him to transmit imponderable movement of air on his photos. Because of it, we may feel Great Nature involvement.

You may get additional information in our Media-Center: 209-0785, 209-2277

(095) 299-3653, 209-2277, 209-7901, 209-7541
Aleksei Nikolaevich Dushkin. Architecture from the 1930-1950
The Enfilade of the Main Building

The 100th anniversary exhibition

The work of Aleksei Nikolaevich Dushkin is an important phenomenon in the history of the Russian architecture of XX century. At the first sight, it had combined contradictory trends. The architect was an innovator and a seeker who knew excellently and used all the possibilities of the modern techniques. He asserted that architecture had to strive for a permanent modernisation, development, and creation of new forms. Still he was searching for a modern architectural language simultaneously with the interpretation of the architectural heritage.

The State Reseach Museum of Architecture named after A.B.Schusev
Moscow 5, Vozdvizshenka str.
(095) 290-0551, 291-2109
Masterpieces of the edged weapons
The Central Naval Museum and The Center of Saint-Petersburg Art "AVIT" invite you to visit an exhibition "Masterpieces of the edged weapons".

This joint exhibition let us to implement a dream of all museum weapon specialists in the exposition halls of The Central Naval Museum. Fans and professionals will be able to match specifics and advantages of antique, historical, and modern custom-made weapons. Interesting models of weapon has been first represented here from the collections of A. Morozov, A. Lyutov, D. Fedurin etc. The organizers of the exhibition present there over 270 models of the award weapons, Heavy Edged Weapons, Light Edged Weapons and custom-made weapons. More over third part of it haven't been shown anywhere before.

The Central Naval Museum
Saint-Peterburg 4, Birzhevaya Ploshad
(812) 328-2502, 328-2501
The Freiburg Cross and its World
Western European Applied Art of the Middle Ages from the Collection of the State Hermitage.

The exhibition in the Blue Bedroom of the Winter Palace (Room 307) draws the visitor's attention to the stages of the development of medieval applied art. One of the high points of this development was the main display item of the show, the so-called Freiburg Cross. The cross was created at the end of the 18th century in Strasbourg for the Monastery of St Trudpert near Freiburg. French and German cultural traditions came together in this city on the Rhine.

The Hermitage's collection of medieval monuments of applied art is among the best in the world. It had its origins in the collection of A.P. Bazilevsky (1829 - 1899). In 1884, his collection was sold to Emperor Alexander III for the Hermitage. Thirteen of the items on display in this exhibition come from the Bazilevsky collection, among them the famous Freiburg Cross, a silver wine vessel (potir) of the 13th century, a Limoges reliquary casket, and box covered in painted leather, which is a real decoration for the exhibition. The other major private collection in which medieval objects occupied an important place was the collection of the Shuvalov family. Many of the works on display in the exhibition come from the collection of the Museum of the School of Technical Drawing founded by Baron Stieglitz (1814-1884).

The State Hermitage
Saint-Peterburg 34-36, Dvortsovaya Nabarezhnaya
(812) 311-3601, 110-9604, 110-9601
"27 of 52" for the 30-years anniversary of the exhibition in DK Gaza
"Kvadrat" Gallery

From the N.I.Blagodatov's collection. Dedicated to the 30th Anniversary of the Exhibition Held at the Gaza Cultural Centre.

The Gaza-Nevsky culture is believed to have been started on the 22nd of 1974. On that day the exhibition at the Gaza Cultural Centre brought together all groups, apartment 'academies' and circles that had operated at Soviet communal flats and barracks. Fifty-two artists presented over 200 of their pieces. The exhibition was on a very short period of time - a mere four days, but it did cause a stir. Crowds of those who wished to see the forbidden, and thus very alluring, art flooded Obukhovskaya Oborona Prospect (Obukhovo Defence). About 15 thousand people came to visit the exhibition. The exhibition had neither a well-thought-out composition nor a clear-cut aesthetic programme. This was outside its goal. Important was participation, association with the 'second' culture, the possibility of "self-expression at the point of the bayonet". Artists marched in unison bonded by their hate of the Big Brother, they longed for the air of freedom and a chance to freely express themselves. The happening at the Gaza Cultural Center and the subsequent exhibition at the Nevsky Cultural Centre represented the whole array of the multifaceted and variegated 'second' Leningrad culture, which was labeled "the Gaza-Nevsky".

(812) 232-1238
Russia - Norway. Through centuries and borders
Pskov Historical, Architectural and Art Museum Complex

Rskov museum is preparing exhibits for sending them on the International exhibition in Oslo (Norway).

Cultural - historic exhibition "Russian - Norway. Through centuries and borders" will be opened on 2 June 2004 in Oslo in the Norway Museum of Fork arts, and in 2005, it'll go to Saint-Petersburg. This is a joint project of Russian and Norwegian museums.

The main purpose of the project is to expend knowledge about each other and to promote best understanding between two neighbor nations.

Source: Pskov Historical, Architectural and Art Museum Complex (

Pskov Historical, Architectural and Art Museum Complex
Pskov region 7, Ulitsa Nekrasova , Pskov
(8112) 16-2517, 16-3311
Fragments of artist's life.
There was opened an exhibition of Ean-Erik Kullberg (Finland) "Fragments of life" in the Kareliya Museum of the Fine Arts. The main subject of this exhibition is the Sun, which we, northerners, need a lot.

The painter can show us a special condition, the silence of nature, affection of sunlight and communication with forest. The sun, as Kullberg understands it, - it's the energy transforming the world. That is why he makes so unusual sculptures, simulating all kinds of keys playing on the caudexes of trees and in the duramen of them viewer can see the sun. All the other pictures are devoted to the sun as a condition.

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