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Meeting in one century. Roden. Golubkina. Klodel
The Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation, The State Tretyakov Gallery, Memorial State Museum and Studio of Sculptor A.S.Golubkina, fund of Pierre Dzhanadd, Martini, Switzerland, The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, The L.N.Tolstoy State Museum, Roden Museum, Paris, France, Orse Museum, Paris, France present the exhibition "Meeting in one century. Roden. Golubkina. Klodel".

It is devoted to the 140- anniversary from the A.N. Golubkina's birthday. She is one of the greatest Russian sculptors of the silver age. There are works made by her teacher Ogyust Roden and works by Kamilla Klodel' (she was his student too) beyond Golubkina's works.

The State Tretyakov Gallery
Moscow 10, Lavrushinskii Peryulok
(095) 951-1362, 238-1378
Audience dialog with exhibits
Two masters, samara sculptor Ivan Mel'nikov and Moscow painter Boris Gusev decided to represent their works together in the Central House of Artist in Moscow. There are you can see their paintings, graphics, potteries and sculpture in the Hall ╣ 25.
Central House of Artist
Moscow Krymskiy val, 10
(095) 238-9843, 238-9634
Origami - the beginning of the creative way
The State Darwin Museum and the Museum of origami invite to the exhibition By "Origami - the beginning of the creative way", dedicated to the 5- anniversary of the Museum of origami and to the 15- anniversary origami in Russia. Today Russian origami only in the beginning of the way. Many things have been done. Nevertheless, we have still a lot of to do. And we are going to take along in this long journey traditions, creation, fantasy, enthusiasm and enormous desire to be occupied with this wonderful work - folding figures from the paper.

Daily, during the exhibition we are going to hold master-classes from 11 a.m. till 16 p.m.

The State Darwin Museum
Moscow 57, Vavilova street
(095) 135-3382, 134-6124, 132-1047
Paintings and graphics by Nikolay Andronov (1929 - 1998)
The Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation and The State Tretyakov Gallery invite you to visit an exhibition "Paintings and graphics by Nikolay Andronov (1929 - 1998)". N. Andronov is one of the greatest Russian artists of 1960s. The exhibition is devoted to the 75-anniversary from the author's birthday. You will be able to see there over 100 paintings and graphics from collections of The State Tretyakov Gallery and painter's family.
The State Tretyakov Gallery
Moscow 10, Lavrushinskii Peryulok
(095) 951-1362, 238-1378
Ekaterina II - powerful and great
L - Gallery and Museum of Women Art (Bonn) invite you to visit the exhibition "Ekaterina II - powerful and great".

Within the frameworks of "German-Russian culture meetings 2003/2004", under the protectorate of presidents of Germany and Russia, Johannes Rau and Vladimir Putin, and devoted to the 300- anniversary of Saint-Petersburg, Museum of Women Art leads the exchange of exhibitions of Russian and German women-painters.

This exhibition is an attempt to connect image of Ekaterina II and modernity. The participants of exhibition: Lyudmila Belova, Vita Buivid, Marina Koldobskaya, Aleksandra Koneva, Elena Kovylina, MAKSA, Olyuga Tobreluts and Nadia Zubareva joint with Filipp Dontsov, Martine Metzing- Peyre, Monika Ortmann, Marianne Pitzen, Ulrike Rosenbach, Ellen Sinzig, Ilse Wegmann, Cris Werner , Florian Schneider.

Đurator of the project: doctor Beatrice Roschanzamir

Co-curator: Aleksandr Borovskii (SRM, Saint-Petersburg)

The Exibition Hall "Gallery L"
Moscow Oktyabrskaya st., 26
(095) 289-2491
From Myth to Project
From Myth to Project. The Influence of Architects from Italy and Ticino in Russia in the Epoch of Classicism

The exhibition in the Nicholas Hall (Hall 191) of the Winter Palace displays some 300 works of art from Russian, Italian and Swiss collections. The exhibition reflects the golden age of Classicism in the architecture of St. Petersburg from 1762 to 1825 during the reigns of Catherine II, Paul I and Alexander I.

The exhibition has been organized by the State Hermitage in cooperation with the Cantonal Museum and the University of Italian Switzerland in Lugano with additional participation by libraries, museums, archives and also private collections from Russia, Italy and Switzerland. The exhibition enjoys the patronage of the Consulate General of the Republic of Italy and the Honorary Consulate General of the Swiss Confederation in St. Petersburg.

The State Hermitage
Saint-Peterburg 34-36, Dvortsovaya Nabarezhnaya
(812) 311-3601, 110-9604, 110-9601
Arzhan. The Source in the Valley of Kings
Arzhan. The Source in the Valley of Kings.

Archeological discoveries in Tuva

This exhibition of articles found in a 'royal' burial site from Scythian times in Tuva presents around 1000 objects of applied art, all of them exhibited for the first time.

The investigation of the Arzhan II barrow came about through a joint Russian-German scholarly program. The excavations were carried out by the Central Asian Archeological Expedition created by the St Petersburg Branch of the Russian Research Institute into the Cultural and Natural Science Heritage under the RF Ministry of Culture đnd the Russian Academy of Sciences together with the Eurasian Section of the German Archeological Institute in Berlin and its director Professor Herman Parzinger as well as Dr. Anatolii Nagler. The excavation work was led by the head of the Central Asian Expedition, Konstantin V. Chugunov.

The materials of the Arzhan II complex are proof that the culture and art of the population of Tuva in the early Scythian period were at the highest level.

The State Hermitage
Saint-Peterburg 34-36, Dvortsovaya Nabarezhnaya
(812) 311-3601, 110-9604, 110-9601
Domestic and Wild
Domestic and Wild

Animal painting in the Russian Art of the 18th-20th centuries from the ˝ollection of the State Russian Museum

The exhibition, devoted to the development of animalism in all branches of Russian fine arts of the 18th-21st centuries, displays almost 300 works from the collection of the Russian Museum created by sculptors, graphic artists, painters, medalists, masters of decorative, applied and folk art from the collection of the Russian Museum. The exhibition includes the works of pure animal genre as well as the items that, semantically, exceed its limits. Nevertheless, the image of the animal assumes a particular and important role in all of them

Benois Wing
Saint-Peterburg Griboedova channel, 2
St Petersburg in the creative art of children
The exhibition, that is the completion faze of International exhibition project "St. Petersburg in the children's art", devoted to the celebration of the 300 anniversary of St. Petersburg, displays over 300 works of children from Russia and CIA countries.

Within the framework of the exhibition a cultural program for children and their parents is provided. During the whole period of the exhibition master-classes by teachers of fine arts, who represent city and district children studios will be held on the exposition (the time will be announced later).

Mikhaylovsky Castle
Saint-Peterburg 2, Sadovaya Ulitsa
(812) 210-4173
The images of ancient Yaroslavl. Art of the XV - XVIII centuries.
You will be able to see there masterpieces of Old Russian art. The most part of the collection are icons and applied arts of XVI - XVII centuries from Spaso-Preobrazhenskyi monastery and famouse Yaroslavl temples.
Yaroslavl State Historical and Architectural Museum - Preserve
Yaroslavl region 25 Bogoyavlenskaya sq.Yaroslavl, Russia
(0852) 30-3869
From the history of monetary circulation.
There was opened an exhibition "From the history of monetary circulation" in the National museum of Tatarstan. It was organized by the National museum of Tatarstan, Militia Museum of Tatarstan Republic), Antique Shop "The Kazan secondhand bookshop", Open Company "Art-Design" with the support of the Open Company "MVK".

The history of monetary circulation is represented here versatilly - Panticapaeum's coins and Golden horde's coins, Western Europe and Russian medieval coins, anniversary rubles, coins of the regular circulation in the USSR and Russia, memorable coins of Russian Federation, coins of CIS, etc.

For further information contact (8432) 92-89-84

The National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan
Tatarstan republic 2, Kremlevskaya str., Kazan
(8432) 92-7162
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