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Eye to eye. Photographs of Frans Lanting
The exhibition of Frans Lanting's works is presented with the support of MDM-Bank and the World Wildlife Fund. Frans Lanting is renowned for his unique photographs of fauna. Taken around the world, some are images of the most remote places from civilization. In light of its educational nature, the exhibit, "Eye to Eye," is geared toward families. It also appeals to those who enjoy nature, art and photography. Frans Lanting says about the concept of his series, "It doesn't matter who the lens of my camera is aimed at, from a three-ton elephant to a tiny tree-frog. I want to approach each of them as closely as possible so that we can look each other in the eye." This exhibition was created in 1997 and presents a third of Lanting's 140 photographs on the subject. It is one of two famous expositions of his works that are currently traveling around the world. (Apart from "Eye to Eye," Frans Lanting's works are included in the exhibit, "Jungle.") Through 2003, 16 albums of his selected works have been published.
The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts
Moscow 12, Ulitsa Volkchonka
(095) 203-9578, 203-7998, 203-7412
125 Photographs from the Collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York
September 18 to November 16, 2003, Museum of private collections

The gems of the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York (MOMA) are displayed in Moscow. The exhibit includes the masters as well as unknown photographers. Artistic photographs, by David Hill and Robert Adams, Alfred Stieglitz and Edward Stein, and also journalistic, technical, and advertising photographs are exhibited. The exhibition is organized by the Museum of Modern Art, the Hermitage Museum, and the Pushkin Museum, along with the financial support of the International Council of MOMA. MOMA focuses on the art of the 20th century. In this period, many photographers were innovators; instead of modeling themselves after their direct predecessors, they looked to the art of previous centuries for inspiration.

Private Collections Museum
Moscow 14, Volhonka str.
(095) 203-9578, 203-1546

GULAG Museum in Moscow
Ministry of culture of Russian federation, the State Museum of Contemporary Russian History, Memorial historical museum of the political repressions "Perm' -36" present an exhibition the "Lessons of history in the museum "Perm' -36". Opening the exhibition is on 29th of October. To the All-Russian day of political prisoner, which since 1991 officially is noted in our country on 30th of October, the State Museum of Contemporary Russian History within the framework of all-Russian exhibition project "History of XX century in the domestic museums" with the memorial historical museum the of political repressions "Perm' -36" open the exhibition "History Lessons in the Memorial Museum "PERM-36"".
State Museum of Contemporary Russian History
Moscow 21, Tverskaya Street
(095) 299-0974; 299-6724; 299-9912,
Landscape painting. Still-life painting. Portrait
"Kovcheg" Exhibition Hall is opening the XVI exhibition season. You will be able to see here works by Sergey Mihailov (1893 - 1952), Raisa Mihailova-Zatulovskaya and Irena Zatulovskaya.
Milk-rivers... Anna Ermolaeva
The main themes is Anna Jermolaewas work can be characterised with the words: control, human society, patriarchal structures and consumption. Anna always works with the simplest means, banal everyday life articles and situations, often using children toys. By monotone courses of motion and constant repetition, Anna manages to let situations, that looked at first sight banal and harmless, tilt into something oppressive. Toy figures become aggressive monsters, which suggest the viewer that the own body is diciplint by the social system and automatic procedures in the society.
Artistic project is the "portrait of epoch - face of epoch"
Artists Victoria Timofeeva and Dmitriy Vrubel' present artistic project the "portrait of epoch - face of epoch" on the 30th of October. This exhibition is the beginning of the global artistic program the "Portrait of epoch - faces of epoch". Large art- project - is an encyclopedic labor, whose purpose is to compose for us and our descendants the most complete visual idea about the Heroes and the Archetypes, who are determined or symbolize cultural state and public mood at the boundary of centuries, millenniums.

Japanese Blue: Art of Kawachi Textiles
The exhibition opened in the General Staff is organized by the State Hermitage Museum in cooperation with the Local History Museum of Yao city, and the Society for the Preservation of Ancient Kawachi Textiles (Yao, Osaka Prefecture, Japan), with participation of Osaka Prefecture Administration, Osaka City Administration and Yao City Administration, and with support of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japanese Consulate General in St. Petersburg, "Asachi" newspaper and the Osaka division of Japanese and Eurasian Countries Society.
The State Hermitage
Saint-Peterburg 34-36, Dvortsovaya Nabarezhnaya
(812) 311-3601, 110-9604, 110-9601
Demian Herst. From the Cradle to the Grave
The first in Russia exhibition of works of the famous British artist, a mega-star of international art stage, Damien Herst, will showcase 100 graphic pictures and one large-scale sculpture. The exhibition lets visitors trace not only the development of the author's ideas, but also importance of drawing in the artist's search. For Demian Herst, drawing is a permanent process which lasts from the cradle to the grave. The artists says that when he was a child his mother always gave him a new sheet of paper right when he told her than he had finished a previous drawing; so that her son went on drawing. Demian Herst is constantly drawing something. This keeps flow of his imagination running and does not call upon to crate a complete work of art. His vision is unbroken, it just moves from one sheet of paper to another, from album to album; from a sheet of plotting paper to a beer rack, a cheque, an envelope, a hotel form, and a paper page. The artist can draw on everything he has at hand. He created large-scale and sometimes absolutely impossible images - the shark swimming in a tank; the crucified cow; the whole life cycle of insects, who feed on a carrion cow's head. Many a ready sculpture sketches, accompanied with titles and estimation of parameters, are not brought alive yet.
The Marble Palace
Saint-Peterburg 5/1, Millionnaya Ulitsa
(812) 312-9196, 312-9054

Victor Ruzo. Life and Work (Ludwig Museum in the Russian Museum)
The exhibition dated to the ninetieth birthday of the Swiss artist and philosopher Victor Ruzo introduces his works of different oeuvre periods, which depict his unique life story, a story of a peculiar oeuvre phenomenon. Viktor Rutz (the real name of the artist) was born in 1913 in St Gallen. He grew up in the poor quarters of Zurich-Wiedikon in a happy family of eight people (six children). Even at the age of five he startled people with his realistic pictures, which were returned from contests always with some answer like: "Next time do the drawings yourself! A blind man can see that they could not possibly have been drawn by a child".
The Marble Palace
Saint-Peterburg 5/1, Millionnaya Ulitsa
(812) 312-9196, 312-9054

The French in St. Petersburg
The exhibition showcases French artists' works connected with the history of St Petersburg, as well as things and documents that demonstrate real presence of France in the life of St Petersburg of 18-20th centuries. The exhibition introduces variety of materials from collections of 18 museums, archives, libraries, state, academic, research, and other institutions of St Petersburg and Paris. Painters, sculptors, architects, craftspeople, and workmen left their motherland, came to St Petersburg and brought fashion and tastes of their country with them. At first, they created works of art for the court and aristocracy, but later - for prosperous citizens as well.
Mikhaylovsky Castle
Saint-Peterburg 2, Sadovaya Ulitsa
(812) 210-4173

Chinese Export Art
The exhibition in the Menshikov Palace explores cultural contacts between China and the West. It showcases over 200 exhibits, including jewelry, metalware, carved bone, porcelain, wallpapers, fabrics, drawings and "applied" paintings, showing cultural contacts between China and Western Europe, South East Asia and Russia. Chinese export art was created by Chinese masters for foreign customers and domestic market, gaining popularity throughout the world. The development of export art was encouraged by the Europeans coming to China, commercial companies and missionaries.
The Menshikov Palace
Saint-Peterburg 15 Universitetskaya Nabarezhnaya
(812) 213-1112

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