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Amber Gold of Russia
Exhibition "Amber Gold of Russia" is opened in the Armory of Moscow Kremlin museums. The exhibition tells us the story of amber production in Europe and Russia, demonstrates the ability of "sun stone", its natural beauty. On display there are the most significant from historical and artistic point of view amber works from the collections of Moscow Kremlin museums and Kaliningrad museums.
I Love Petersburg
State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts and State Russian Museum present the exhibition "I Love Petersburg" dedicated to 300th anniversary from the foundation of Saint Petersburg. It is the first time for the last fifty years when on display of State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts usually acquainting public with treasures of the most famous world museums there are exhibits exposing a collection from other Russian museum in such a full scale.
The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts
Moscow 12, Ulitsa Volkchonka
(095) 203-9578, 203-7998, 203-7412
Pushkin Contemporaries' Portraits in Water-Colours
State Pushkin Museum invites you to visit the exhibiton "I see myself like in a mirror!" (Water-Coloured Portraits in Water-Colours of Pushkin Contemporaries made by P.Sokolov). Petr Sokolov - is an outstanding master of portrait in water-colours of the first half of the 19th century. More than 200 water-colours are on display, among them - portraits of Pushkin, Zhukovsky, Osterman-Tolstoy, grand duke Alexandre Nikolayevich with sister Maria, M.Volkonskaya and her son portrait which has a wonderful story. Only single copies of many of Sokolov's works have reached the present time.
The Pushkin State Museum
Moscow 12/2, Prechistenka Ulitsa
(095) 201-5674,
Contemporary Master and Ancient Siberian Myth
All-Russian Museum of Decorative Arts and Crafts opens its successive uncommon exhibition. This time in the halls of the museum there are works by ceramics master, Honoured artist of Russia - Galina Vinzel who is giving to Muscovites a chance not just to see the beauty of the old material that clay is, but also to see the wonder of birth in the contemporary works by a master of ancient Siberian myths. Series of works which remade images of ancient Ugra bronze castings, secret legends kept in cultures of contemporary Khanty and Mansi are really unusual and charming.
All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Arts
Moscow Delegatskaja street, 3
(095) 921-0139, 923-7725, 923-1741

Modern Graphic Art in Tretyakov Gallery
State Tretyakov Gallery presents the exhibition "Recent Acquisitions of Modern Graphic Art". Unique collection of drawings and engravings of the 20th century - is the largest and fast growing part of Tretyakov Gallery. It numbers about 32 000 specimens. During the last ten years nearly 4000 works were flown into the collection following systematic and purposeful collecting.
The State Tretyakov Gallery (20th Century Collection)
Moscow 10/14, Krymsky val
(095) 238-1378, 953-3375, 951-1362, 230-7788 (/)

Renewed Interior of "Opera House"
In State Museum and Reserve "Tsaritsyno" interiors of "Medium Palace of Ekaterina II" ("Opera House") and series of prospective exhibition projects have been renewed. "Medium Palace of Ekaterina II" - is a real masterpiece of Russian architectural "pseudo-Gothic" made by great Russian architect Vasily Bazhenov. It had lot with palace ensemble "Tsaritsyno" which, instead of being a "Tsarskoye Selo" near Moscow, became a kind of "Moscow Coliseum" because of Ekaterina II and Pavel I's whims. At the present moment reconstructed suite halls of the ground floor of Opera House have been opened to public.
The State History Architecture, Art and Landscape Museum-Reserve "Tsaritsyno"
Moscow 1, Dolskaya Ulitsa, Tsaritsino
(095) 321-6366

Great Patriotic War Tanks
The exhibition gives people possibility to get acquainted with specimens of armour of all the countries participated in the Second World War. The exhibition is consisted of several parts. The first one is dedicated to tanks of Red Army and its allies, the second German armoury and its allies. The exhibition is carried out inside the museum.
Central Museum of the Great Patriotic war 1941-1945
Moscow 3, Victory square
(095) 148-5550

Simple Leaves of Pavel Sherbaum
Gallery "Manage" invites you to visit exhibition of works by Pavel Sherbaum "Simple Leaves". The most difficult thing in art is to reach the simplicity and clarity of feelings expression and to put this simplicity into strict shapes and colours. Pavel Sherbaum is an artist for whom classical forms have always been a guiding star but also some kind of temptation. His series of graphical works were often dedicated to different ways of finding a form.
The "Manezh" Gallery
Moscow 1, Manezh square
(095) 202-0252
Saint Petersburg in Karl Bulla's Pictures
State Museum of History of Saint Petersburg, Consulate General of Federal Republic of Germany in Saint Petersburg, Central State Archive of Cinema- and Photographic Documents of Saint Petersburg invite you to visit the exhibition "Saint Petersburg. Year of 1903 in Photographs by Karl Bulla". The exhibition dated for the 300th anniversary from the foundation of the city presents one (also jubilee) year from the life of Saint Petersburg.
Petropavlovskaya Fortress - The State Museum of the History of St. Peterburg
Saint-Peterburg 3, Peter and Paul fortress
(812) 238-4540, 238-4511
Wonders of Photography
Exhibition "Restoration of Photographic Heritage of S.M.Prokudin-Gorsky" was opened in Mikhailovsky Palace (Garden Vestibule) on 12 April. Sergey Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorsky was born in Saint Petersburg in 1863. Having gained good education of a chemist he dedicated all his life to the development of photography. Following his original researches Prokudin-Gorsky got patents for the production of coloured slides and projecting of coloured films.
The Marble Palace
Saint-Peterburg 5/1, Millionnaya Ulitsa
(812) 312-9196, 312-9054

First Persons of Saint Petersburg
"First Persons of Saint Petersburg" - this is the name of the exhibition opened in Smolny Palace. Many problems set before big cities were being solved by previous generations of citizens. In all times first persons of the city were engaged in solving all these problems. On display there are portraits of 69 first persons of Saint Petersburg. All of them are showed in full dress of their times.
The State Historical and Memorial Museum "Smolny" in St. Peterburg
Saint-Peterburg 3, Smolny, Proletarskaya Diktatura sq.
(812) 276-1746, 276-1461

Summer Season in "Pavlovsk"
This year State Museum and Reserve "Pavlovsk" will be 85 years old. In 1918 art began to belong to public and former imperial and grand duke's palace became a museum. The museum dedicated to that event its great project - exhibition "Discovery of Treasures" which will be opened in May in the building of Rossi Library. In summer visitors are to expect unusual innovation - bicycles will appear on paths.
State Museum and Estate "Pavlovsk"
Leningrad region 20, Revolutsii Ulitsa, Pavlovsk town
(812) 470-6536
Source of Inspiration of Joseph Brodsky
Anna Akhmatova Museum in Fountain House, Consulate General of the USA in Saint Petersburg and Fund of Heritage of Joseph Brodsky invite you to the exhibition "Joseph Brodsky: Urania. Leningrad - Venice - New-York". On display there are books, manuscripts and memorial belongings of the poet showing his dive into the world culture and demonstrating his unique ability to turn the state we call "exile" into the source of inspiration.
Museum of Anna Akhmatova in Fountain House
Saint-Peterburg 34, Fontanka emb.; 53, Liteyny Prospect
(812) 272-2211
Butterflies for Vera
New department "Butterflies for Vera" was opened in the constant exposition of Saint Petersburg Museum of V.Nabokov on 23 April. Visitors of the museum can see copies of pictures of semi-fantastic butterflies made by Vladimir Nabokov on title-pages of his editions and dedicated to his wife.
Saint Petersburg Nabokov Museum
Saint-Peterburg B.Morskaya, 47
(812) 315-4713
Unforgettable Events in the History of Saint Petersburg
Opening of the exhibition of archival documents and materials "It Was May: Unforgettable Events of the Month in the History of Saint Petersburg" took place in the Gallery of Central State Archives of Saint Petersburg situated in the building of Archive Committee of Saint Petersburg of Leningrad Region. This exhibition is dedicated to the jubilee of Saint Petersburg. Organisers of the exhibition set a task before them: to tell about the most interesting, bright and outstanding events that took place in the city in May.

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