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1. "Nutcracker" Personages by Mikhail Shemiakin
2. Exhibition of Nuridjanova's Collections
3. To the 120-year Birthday of the Big State Emblem
4. Medieval Architecture Through Photo
5. Journey to the Land of Gods
6. British Petersburg
7. Photographic Exhibition of French Naster Valerie Pasque
8. Exhibition of Works by Artist of "Lestnitsa" Group
9. Exhibition Dedicated to Alexander I
10. 165 Years from the Foundation of the First Russian Railway Road
11. Time and Faces in Pskov Collection
12. Bright Stone of Enamel

-= 1 =-
"Nutcracker" Personages by Mikhail Shemiakin
Scetches by famous artist and sculptor Mikhail Shemiakin created for the
ballet "Nutcracker" by Chaikovsky are presented in the Museum of Private
Collections. On display there are more than a hundred of studies by
Shemiakin which were the pattern for creation of decorations and costumes to
the latest staging of the ballet in Mariinka. Theatre critics were
enthusiastic about the premiere: Shemiakin has restored original Hofman just
like Valery Gergiev has returned to people original Chaikovsky.

Private Collections Museum
Addres: Moscow, 14, Volhonka str.
Direction: Metro Kropotkinskaya
Phones: (095) 203-9578, 203-1546

-= 2 =-
Exhibition of Nuridjanova's Collections
All-Russian Museum of Decorative and Folk Arts invites you to the exhibition
"The Beautiful is Nearby". The exhibition of Ufa collector Sofia
Alexandrovna Nuridjanova, member of the Union of Journalists of Russia,
represents collections that have been gathering for several tens of years:
Tagil and Jostov salvers, collection of national weaving, Zlatoust
engravings, Russian embroidery and laces, carved bones, Easter eggs,

All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Arts
Addres: Moscow, Delegatskaja street, 3
Phones: (095) 921-0139, 923-7725, 923-1741

-= 3 =-
To the 120-year Birthday of the Big State Emblem
On 6 August there was opening of the exhibition "Major Symbol of Russia. To
the 120-year Birthday of the Big State Emblem" in the State Central Museum
of Contemporary History. Big State Emblem presented on the exhibition was
created in studio "Babur STM" which unites artists, engravers and jewellers.
Also on display there are State Emblem of RF, historical and contemporary
emblems of Moscow, Novosibirsk, Cheliabinsk and other towns.

State Museum of Contemporary Russian History
Addres: Moscow, 21, Tverskaya Street
Direction: Metro Stations: Pushkinskaya, Tverskaya, Chekhovskaya
Phones: (095) 299-5458, 299-6724

-= 4 =-
Medieval Architecture Through Photo
Museum and Public Center named after Andrey Sakharov presents exhibition of
photographs of medieval architecture of Chechnya and Ingushetia. On display
there are landscape photos by V.Kuzmin and L.Iliasov. Even in those
comparatively happy Soviet times this medieval architecture wasn't known and
investigated well. Many monuments remained only on pictures which can bee
seen at the exhibition.

Museum and Public Centre " Peace, Progress and Peoples Rights" named after
Andrey Saharov
Addres: Moscow, 57, Zemlyanoy val
Phones: (095) 917-2653, 923-4401, 923-4420

-= 5 =-
Journey to the Land of Gods
In the State Hermitage there is exhibition "Journey to the Land of Gods.
Mexico. Monuments of Antiquity". The expositions unites more than 270 works
from 16 Mexican museums. On display there are ceramic things, goods of stone
and gold created in the 2nd thousand years B.C. - 1521 A.D. (conquest of
Mexico by Cortes) by ancient civilizations of Central and South America.

The State Hermitage
Addres: Saint-Peterburg, 34-36, Dvortsovaya Nabarezhnaya
Direction: From "Nevsky Prospect" metro station, take any of the following:
bus 7, 10; tram 31; troll. 1, 7, 9, 10
Phones: (812) 311-3601, 110-9604, 110-9601

-= 6 =-
British Petersburg
In Petropavlovsky Fortress there is photographic exhibition which results
photo contest "British Petersburg". This exhibition is the third one of the
cycle "Foreigners in Saint Petersburg". It is dedicated to the Britich
heritage in Saint Petersburg which is expressed in architecture, sculpture,
landscape arts. The theme of the exhibition reflects the history of cultural
ties of Great Britain and Saint Petersburg from the times of Peter the Great
till the present time. As a result of the contest in which 450 works by 30
photographers took part, fifty photographs were chosen to be on display of
the exhibition.

Petropavlovskaya Fortress - The State Museum of the History of St. Peterburg
Addres: Saint-Peterburg, 3, Peter and Paul fortress
Direction: "Gorkovskaya" metro station
Phones: (812) 238-4540, 238-4511

-= 7 =-
Photographic Exhibition of French Naster Valerie Pasque
In the Exhibition Hall of Pushkin All-Russian Museum there is photographic
exhibition of French photographer Valerie Pasque "Saint Petersburg
Drain-Pipes". For her works Valerie Pasque often choses details of everyday
life that nobody notices. Drain-pipes (there are much more drain-pipes in
Saint Petersburg than in Paris) became the subject for the work presented at
the exhibition in Pushkin Museum. Works by Valerie Pasque were exhibited
several times in France, but Saint Petersburg will get acquainted with her
creative work for the first time.

The National Pushkin Museum
Addres: Saint-Peterburg, 12, Moyka Nabarezhnaya
Direction: From Metro st. "Nevsky Prospekt", take any bus, tram or
trolleybus to the stop called 'Griboyedov Canal'
Phones: (812) 311-3531

-= 8 =-
Exhibition of Works by Artist of "Lestnitsa" Group
In Mramorny Palace there is exhibition of works by artist of group of the
eight "Lestnitsa" ("Ladder") (painting, graphic arts, sculpture, ceramics).
This exposition is to commemorate the 25-year anniversary of group
"Lestnitsa" that was organized in autumn of 1975 when there was opposition
between oficial art and nonconformists, and the organization of the group
was the attempt to unite artists that were members of Leningrad Union of
Artist but who didn't want to follow socialist realism tendencies.

The Marble Palace
Addres: Saint-Peterburg, 5/1, Millionnaya Ulitsa
Direction: From either metro station Gostiny Dvor or Nevsky Prospect, take
any of the following: buses 25, 46, 134; trams 2, 12, 34, 32, 54
Phones: (812) 312-9196, 312-9054

-= 9 =-
Exhibition Dedicated to Alexander I
The exhibition that was opened in State Museum and Reserve "Pavlovsk" in
Rossi Library is dedicated to elder son and legatee of emperor Pavel I -
grand duke Alexander I whose birthday (12 December 1777) was the day of
foundation of "Pavlovsk". The exhibition is based mainly on materials of the
Museum and Reserve. Great museums and archives from Saint Petersburg and
Moscow were invited to take part in the exhibition.

State Museum and Estate "Pavlovsk"
Addres: Leningrad region, 20, Revolutsii Ulitsa, Pavlovsk town
Direction: Electric train from Vitebsky vokzal or from platform "Kupchino"
to st. "Pavlovsk"
Phones: (812) 470-6536

-= 10 =-
165 Years from the Foundation of the First Russian Railway Road
In the Central Museum of Railway Transport there is exhibition dedicated to
165-year anniversary of the foundation of the first Russian trunk-railway
"Saint Petersburg - Tsarskoye Selo - Pavlovsk". At the temporary exposition
there are archive documents and items from the funds of the Museum. The
major role among the exhibits is given to the first railway ticket of copper
which should have been given away to a guard when leaving. Particular
interest is attracted by hand-written "Book of Orders On Tsarskoselskaya
Railway Road" and by the note written by professor of Viennese Politechnical
Institute France Gerstner.

Central Museum of Railway Transport
Phones: (812) 315-1476

-= 11 =-
Time and Faces in Pskov Collection
In the halls of the lower floor of Departmental Chamber of the Pskov Kremlin
there is exhibition "Time and Faces" from the cycle "Pskov Collection". On
display there is portrait painting of the 20th century from the funds of
Pskov Museum and Reserve. Great event in the cultural life of Pskov Region
of the last week was arrival of restorer and expert on fine arts Savva
Yamschikov to Pskov.

Pskov Historical, Architectural and Art Museum Complex
Addres: Pskov region, 7, Ulitsa Nekrasova , Pskov
Direction: Buses 1, 3, 11, 14 and 17 go the museum - the stop is called
'Letnii Sad'
Phones: (8112) 16-2517, 16-3311

-= 12 =-
Bright Stone of Enamel
In the exhibition hall of Rostov Museum of Enamel there was opening of the
personal exhibition of works by Ludmila Annenkova. The works were created in
the technique of hot enamel. Rostov enamel - is painting on the enamel. The
word "enamel" ("finift") has come to Russian language from Buzantium: Greek
work "fingitis" that means "light, bright stone".

State Museum-Preserv "Rostov Kremlin"
Addres: Yaroslavl region, Museum, Kremlin, Rostov
Phones: (08536) 3-1717, 3-3294
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