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1. World of Japanese Book
2. Affection For Green Mountains
3. Cultural Heritage of Moldova
4. Classics of Russian Photography. Dmitry Baltermants
5. Lively Values of Russian Orthodox Tradition
6. Photography as a Basis for Painting
7. Duet of Artists
8. Contemporary British Printed Graphic Art
9. Uniform of Russian Army During the Reign of Pavel I
10. About Political Repressions Through Exhibition
11. International Exhibition of Caves

-= 1 =-
World of Japanese Book
State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts invites you to the opening of the
exhibition "Among Beauties and Flowers" (The World of Japanese Book of
18-19th centuries). The exhibition is organized by the School of Landscape
Design. On display there is one of the best parts of museum collection of
the Japanese art of 18-19th centuries.

The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts
Addres: Moscow, 12, Ulitsa Volkchonka
Direction: metro station 'Kropotinskaya'
Phones: (095) 203-9578, 203-7998, 203-7412

-= 2 =-
Affection For Green Mountains
In State Museum of the East there is the exhibition of paintings by Lu Sun.
At the exhibition one can see 32 works created in the last years by the
person who has been an artist for a half of a century. This is the first
demonstration of works by Lu Sun in Moscow. Great mountains, boundless sky,
rough waters of deep rivers - the elements that are the most interesting
theme for the artist. But "Affection For Green Mountains" includes not only
epic canvas but also wonderful details snatched from the scene of the world.

The State Museum of Oriental Art
Addres: Moscow, 12a, Nikitsky Boulevard
Direction: From Metro Stations Arbatskaya, Tverskaya, Pushkinskaya or
Chekhovskaya, take either trolleybus 15 or 31
Phones: (095) 291-0341, 291-9614, 202-4555

-= 3 =-
Cultural Heritage of Moldova
Museum of Russian Manor Culture "Kuzminki" invites you to visit photographic
exhibition "Cultural Heritage of Moldova". Through the pictures with views
of nature, of architectural ensembles of the past and the present, of
monuments of material culture one can see the history of Moldova. Every
photographic work lets us feel the commonness of fates of Russia and

The country estate "Kuzminki"
Addres: Moscow, 6, Topolevaya alley
Phones: 377-9457

-= 4 =-
Classics of Russian Photography. Dmitry Baltermants
Within the frameworks of the program "Classics of Russian Photography" the
Museum "Moscow House of Photography" is glad to present retrospective review
of world famous Soviet photo reporter Dmitry Baltermants. The retrospective
review is dated for the 90-year birthday of the author. Dmitry Baltermants'
visual language seems to be more understandable for western experts and
viewers if to compare with other contemporary photographers. Therefore he is
one of not so many Soviet photographers who managed to win the recognition

Moscow House of Photography
Addres: Moscow, 16, Ostozhenka
Phones: (095) 202-7612

-= 5 =-
Lively Values of Russian Orthodox Tradition
On 13 July there was the opening of the exhibition "Lively Values of Russian
Orthodox Tradition" in Marble Hall of Russian Ethnographic Museum. The
exhibition consists of the collection of Holiest Patriarchy of Moscow and
All Russia, of funds of Russian Ethnographic Museum and State Museum and
Reserve "Isaakievsky Cathedral". This exhibition is a considerable cultural
event which includes not only religious aspects but temporal ones as well.

The Russian Museum of Ethnography
Addres: Saint-Peterburg, 4/1, Ulitsa Inzhenernaya
Direction: Metro Stations: 'Nevsky Prospect', 'Gostiny Dvor'
Phones: (812) 210-4421

-= 6 =-
Photography as a Basis for Painting
In Marble Palace there is the exhibition of works by Vitaly Pushnitsky
"INTROSPECTION". Vitaly Pushnitsky was born in 1967. Now he lives and works
in Saint Petersburg. The artist is known better in the European countries
where several of his personal exhibitions took place. Project
"INTROSPECTION" has joined several series of works created by Pushnitsky
during the last two years.

The Marble Palace
Addres: Saint-Peterburg, 5/1, Millionnaya Ulitsa
Direction: From either metro station Gostiny Dvor or Nevsky Prospect, take
any of the following: buses 25, 46, 134; trams 2, 12, 34, 32, 54
Phones: (812) 312-9196, 312-9054

-= 7 =-
Duet of Artists
Elaginoostrovsky Palace and Museum invites you to the exhibition of
paintings and drawings by Alexander Kondurov and Lusya Kovaleva-Kondurova
"Duet". Initiators of the projects: Central Park of Culture and Recreation
named after Kirov, Elaginoostrovsky Palace and Museum of Russian Arts and
Crafts and pf Interior of the end of the 18th - beginning of the 20th
century, Alexander Kondurov and Lusya Kovaleva-Kondurova. The exhibition is
held in the exhibition hall of the ground floor of Konushenny Building of
the Museum.

Elagin Island Palace-Museum of Russian Decorative and Applied Art and
Interior Design 18th - 20th centuries
Addres: Saint-Peterburg, 4, Elagin island
Direction: "Chernaya Rechka" metro station; bus 71, 134; tram. 17, 26;
troll. 9
Phones: (812) 430-1130, 430-1131, 430-0131

-= 8 =-
Contemporary British Printed Graphic Art
British Council, Anna Akhmatova Museum in Fontanny House and Saint
Petersburg Center of Book and Graphic are glad to present the exhibition of
contemporary printed graphic art "In Print". The exhibition is held in two
exhibition halls - in Anna Akhmatova Museum in Fontanny House and in Saint
Petersburg Center of Book and Graphic at the same time. On display there are
118 works by 25 artits that represent different periods of the history of
contemporary British art - from the post-war time till the famous generation

Museum of Anna Akhmatova in Fountain House
Addres: Saint-Peterburg, 34, Fontanka emb.; 53, Liteyny Prospect
Phones: (812) 272-2211

-= 9 =-
Uniform of Russian Army During the Reign of Pavel I
"Alpine Soldiers" - this is the title of the exhibition which was opened in
the rotunda of the Pavilion of Roses of State Museum and Reserve "Pavlovsk"
on 18 July. On display there is uniform of Russian armed forces during the
reign of Pavel I (about 50 exhibits from Memorial Museum of Suvorov) - coats
of servicemen of senior and junior ranks, water-coloured works and
lithographs picturing army officers, grenadiers' caps and the drum of
dragoon regiments.

State Museum and Estate "Pavlovsk"
Addres: Leningrad region, 20, Revolutsii Ulitsa, Pavlovsk town
Direction: Electric train from Vitebsky vokzal or from platform "Kupchino"
to st. "Pavlovsk"
Phones: (812) 470-6536

-= 10 =-
About Political Repressions Through Exhibition
In Tula Samovar Museum there is exhibition "Political Repressions in Tula
Region in 1917-1987". On display there are photos and archive documents
telling us about people who were subject to political prosecution,
certificates about stay in prisons, camps and exile, prisoners' letters,
relatives' applications to the state and party institution. Works made by
Boris Sveshnikov in a camp give a particular shrill to the exposition.

Museum "Tula Samovars"
Addres: Tula region, 8, Mendeleevskaya str., Tula
Direction: tram.3, 5, 9, 12, troll. 1, 2, 4, 8, stop "Lenin Avenue"
Phones: (0872) 31-2538, 31-2458

-= 11 =-
International Exhibition of Caves
In South Korean town Samchkhok there is exhibition which is held under the
motto "Unknown Mystery - a Cave". With the help of visual special effects
information about caves origin, types, inhabitants and about the reasons of
their destruction and ecology is presented very lucidly and interesting. All
this action is accompanied by dance festivals, parades, shows, performances
and fireworks.
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