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Edition N 208 Jule 16, 2002
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1. Patriarchy Nikon and His Time
2. Original "Alloys" of Tendencies and Styles
3. Artist of "DA" Circle. Space of an Object
4. House Deposited to Museum of Architecture
5. Sky Observation in Photos
6. "Square" for Russia
7. Inhabitants of Tzarskoye Selo
8. Russian Popular Toy on Display
9. 70-year Birthday of Saint Petersburg Union of Artists
10. Modern Art in Traditional Museum
11. Old Bells of Veliky Novgorod

-= 1 =-
Patriarchy Nikon and His Time
350 years ago Nizhny Novgorod farmer's son named in monkhood Nikon became the seventh Partiarchy of Moscow and All Russia. The years of his patriarchate were remarkable for Orthodoxy because they led it to the split. Great and tragic figure of the reformer is described on the exhibition in State Historical Museum. On display there are more than 200 original historical monuments.

The State Historical Museum
Addres: Moscow, 1/2, Red Square
Direction: metro stations 'Okhotny Ryad', 'Teatralnaya', 'Ploshchad Revolutsii'
Phones: (095) 292-4019, 292-3731

-= 2 =-
Original "Alloys" of Tendencies and Styles
State Tretyakov Gallery presents the exhibition of works by Vladimir Baranov-Rossine. The exhibition was earlier repersented in Russian Museum but now it is displayed in Tretyakov Gallery. The exhibition includes more than 100 works created in 1900-1930. Most of works come from private Paris and London collections, 6 paintings were taken from Russian Museum.

The State Tretyakov Gallery
Addres: Moscow, 10, Lavrushinskii Peryulok
Direction: Metro stations: 'Tretyakovskaya' or 'Novokuznetskaya'
Phones: (095) 953-5223

-= 3 =-
Artist of "DA" Circle. Space of an Object
All-Russian Museum of Folk Arts and Crafts together with magazine "Decorative Art" represent the project from the cycle "Artist of "DA" Circle" - "Space of an Object". The meaning of an "object" is out of firm definitions: our intuition tells us that this artistic stuff is something between painting and sculpture. Russia is the home of such "objective" way of thinking as well as of abstraction.

All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Arts
Addres: Moscow, Delegatskaja street, 3
Phones: (095) 921-0139, 923-7725, 923-1741

-= 4 =-
House Deposited to Museum of Architecture
Museum of Architecture named after Schusev continues the cycle of exhibitions "MUAR PROJECT. BUILDING 12. Exhibition of one building". The Museum tries to make a collection of modern building selecting those works which, on curators' opinion, have high merit and play important part in the development of Russian architecture. This time advisory council has decided to suggest "Patriarchy" on Patriarchy Prudy in Moscow. No building have ever been discussed so widely and actively among Moscow architectural community than this one.
The State Reseach Museum of Architecture named after A.B.Schusev
Addres: Moscow, 5, Vozdvizshenka str.
Phones: (095) 290-0551, 291-2109, 291-3649

-= 5 =-
Sky Observation in Photos
Moscow House of Photography is proud to invite you to the exhibition of photographic works by Marina Tsurtsumia "Firmament". This exhibition is the 25th one of the cycle "24". Marina Tsurtsumia (1964) is a film director. She graduated from the director faculty of the Institute of Cinematography in 1987. 1998-2000 she was art-director of advertising agency "Art and Craft" and she also made film "Stronger than the deatch" and got "Open Sky" grant and Internews. Since 1994 she's been working together with advertising agencies "Aurora", "Art and Craft", etc.
Moscow House of Photography
Addres: Moscow, 16, Ostozhenka
Phones: (095) 202-7612

-= 6 =-
"Square" for Russia
In the State Hermitage there was an opening of the exhibition dedicated to the famous work by Kazimir Malevich "Black Square" (1915) which has been recently included into the museum exposition. Kazimir Malevich (1878-1935) is an avant-garde artist, his "Black Square" was considered by many people not like a work of art but as a symbolic gesture, nihilistic declaration.

The State Hermitage
Addres: Saint-Peterburg, 34-36, Dvortsovaya Nabarezhnaya
Direction: From "Nevsky Prospect" metro station, take any of the following: bus 7, 10; tram 31; troll. 1, 7, 9, 10
Phones: (812) 311-3601, 110-9604, 110-9601

-= 7 =-
Inhabitants of Tzarskoye Selo
In the Evening Hall of Ekaterininsky Part (Tzarskoye Selo) there was opened exhibition "August Atamans of Cossack Troops". The exhibition is dedicated to august inhabitants of Tzarskoye Selo and to one of the brightest guards units - Cossacks. Since 1827 successor to the Russian throne had been appointed an august ataman of all Cossack troops. Many grand dukes had to wear a Cossack unifurm since their childhood.

The State Museum and Estate "Tsarskoe Selo"
Addres: Leningrad region, 7, Sadovaya Ulitsa, Pushkin Town
Phones: (812) 466-6674

-= 8 =-
Russian Popular Toy on Display
In Benua Building there is the exhibition "Russian Popular Toy". All exhibits (about 1000) are taken from the collection of Russian Museum and represent all main centers where for the two last centuries popular toy has been produced. Among them famous Sergiev Posad, Dymkovo, Bogorodskoye and some other centers not so well known for public. A toy is a wonderful and very manifold field of folk art.

Benois Wing
Addres: Saint-Peterburg, Griboedova channel, 2
Direction: Metro station "Nevsky Prospect"

-= 9 =-
70-year Birthday of Saint Petersburg Union of Artists
On 2-27 July, 2002, in Central Exhibition Hall "Manege" and Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists in Saint Petersburg there will be held exhibition dedicated to 70-year birthday of Saint Petersburg Union of Artists. Saint Petersburg artists known in and out Russia as well as their younger colleagues will take part in the exhibition. Saint Petersburg Union of Artists is one of the most interesting professional unions in Russia, it represents very well Russian and Saint Petersburg artistic school in our country.

"Manege" Central Exhibition Hall of St.- Petersburg
Addres: Saint-Peterburg, 1, Isaakievskaya Sq.
Phones: (812) 314-8859, 314-8253, 312-2243

-= 10 =-
Modern Art in Traditional Museum
Saint Petersburg Fund of Culture and Art "Institute Pro Arte" present the 3d Festival "Modern Art in Traditional Museum". The festival is held in Saint Petersburt on 6-31 July, 2002. The main idea of the festival is the help to rapprochement of traditional culture and modern art, modernisation of activity of Saint Petersburg museums.

-= 11 =-
Old Bells of Veliky Novgorod
On 21 June on the territory of the Novgorod Kremlin there was opened museum exposition: the exhibition "Old Bells of Veliky Novgorod" will be installed inside the belfry of Sofiysky Cathedral. One bell outside and 13 bells inside the belfry will be added to the five bells standing at the podium in front of the belfry.

The State Novgorod Museum
Addres: Novgorod region, 11, Kremlin, Novgorod
Direction: Take bus 4 or 9 to the centre from the train station or the bus depot.
Phones: (81622) 7-3608, 7-3691, 7-3770

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