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Edition N 204 May 6, 2002

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1. Antique Art in the Museum of Architecture

2. Art Photographs of Chukotka

3. Native Motives in Exhibition Hall "Izmailovo"

4. World of Reserved Russia

5. Exhibition in the Museum and Estate "Archangelskoe"

6. Museum of Shawl in Pavlovsky Posad

7. Provincial Pictures. Paintings and Graphics

8. Window to Dutch Petersburg

9. "Artist's Book" in Fontanny House

10. "Persons and Personages" by Vasiliev

11. 19-20th Century Gardens and Parks of Saint Petersburg

-= 1 =-

Antique Art in the Museum of Architecture

Acropolis Museum, the Greek Fund of Culture, Melina Mercury Fund, Patrae

University, Benaki Museum, the Department of the Ministry of Press of Greek in Moscow, State Tretyakov Gallery and State Museum of Architecture named after Schusev represent the exhibition "Acropolis" carried out under the aegis of the Embassy of Greece in Moscow. Acropolis has been for 4000 years.

Besides, Acropolis is practically the first museum in the world. Unusual styled pictures and schemes by Greek professor of architecture Manilis Korres let us see the process of Acropolis construction.

The State Reseach Museum of Architecture named after A.B.Schusev

Addres: Moscow, 5, Vozdvizshenka str.

Phones: (095) 290-0551, 291-2109, 291-3649



-= 2 =-

Art Photographs of Chukotka

The Wild World Fund, the Administration of Chukotka Autonomous Region and Union of Photographic Artists invite you to visit unique exhibition of works by Chukotka photo artists "The Edge of the Earth" carried out within the frameworks of the 4th International Month of Photography in Moscow "Photo Biennale 2002". "The Edge of the Earth" is one of the first projects of new ethnic and ecological center of the WWF which has been opened recently in Anadyr. The exhibition works in the gallery "PhotoSoyuz" of the Russian Union of Photo Artists.

The "PhotoSoyuz" gallery by the Russian Association of Photo Artists

Addres: Moscow, 5, Pokrovka street

Phones: (095) 921-5727



-= 3 =-

Native Motives in Exhibition Hall "Izmailovo"

In the Exhibition Hall "Izmailovo" there is exhibition "Native Motives".

Evgeny Putyatin, Ilya Putyatin, Elena Dvornikova have represented their paintings and sculptures, most part of them was created in old Russian town Pereslavl-Zalessky. The artists have been dreaming to show the using changing images of nature together with unique architectural motives of Russian antiquity. Most part of works was made in water-colour technique.

The Exhibition Hall and Museum "Izmaylovo" of Moscow Eastern District

Addres: Moscow, Izmaylovsky proezd, 4

<>Phones: (095) 166-1727

-= 4 =-

World of Reserved Russia

Ecological and Educational Center "Reserves" is glad to represent photo exhibition "The World of Reserved Russia". The exhibition is the part of a large project of Moscow Reserve Representation. On display there are works "Reserved Altai" showing unique moments of life of Agaphia Lykova in Taezhny Dead End, there are reserves of Yugansky Region, nature and history of Arkhangelsky Region, "green islands" of Moscow and others: There are about one hundred colour photos. The exhibition is held in the Exhibition Complex of the Central House of the Russian Army.

Russian Army Theatre Museum

Phones: (095) 281-5120

-= 5 =-

Exhibition in the Museum and Estate "Archangelskoe"

Museum and Estate "Archangelskoe" invites you to visit the exhibition "Yusupov's Album. Owners and Guests of "Archangelskoe" 1860-1910s" taking place in "Kolonada" - burial-vault temple that never has been used as it should have been because its construction was finished in 1916. Photographs pasted on large glasses fill up the area of the hall, they seem to soar in the air. They are visual and ideal center of the composition - big photographic camera of the end of the 19th century.

Museum-Estate "Arkhangelskoye"

Addres: Moscow region, Archangelskoe, Krasnogorskii Raiyon

Direction: From Metro Station 'Tyshinskaya', take bus 549 to the stop named after the museum.

Phones: (095) 560-2231



-= 6 =-

Museum of Shawl in Pavlovsky Posad

A unique museum on Russian kerchief and shawl is opened in Pavlovsky Posad.

This town has been known for its silk patterned cloth and woolen printed kerchiefs for more than a hundred years. The Museum was founded by the initiative of townsman V.F.Shishenin. Collection of kerchiefs, shawls, women's head-dress and units of everyday life of the 18th-20th centuries gathered by Shishenin became the basis of Museum funds. One of the aims of the Museum is to show a kerchief in all its diversity dividing by types of cloth, methods of decoration and as essential part of Russian traditional costume. You can visit the Museum only if you book tickets beforehand. Tel. (243) 2-2519.

-= 7 =-

Provincial Pictures. Paintings and Graphics

State Museum of History of Saint Petersburg represents the exhibition of works by Vladimir Lubarov "Provincial Pictures" (paintings and graphics).

Lubarov wants to descry things which are behind the dilapidated front of provincial life: sometimes touching, sometimes fun and in other times a little bit terrifying. Elegant one-colourness and energy fullness of his way of painting make naive world monumental and take it to another level of epos. Laws of real life are easily destroyed by metaphysics laws, details become symbols. Together with paintings there are also graphical works on display.

Petropavlovskaya Fortress - The State Museum of the History of St. Peterburg

Addres: Saint-Peterburg, 3, Peter and Paul fortress

Direction: "Gorkovskaya" metro station

Phones: (812) 238-4540, 238-4511



-= 8 =-

Window to Dutch Petersburg

State Museum of History of Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg Fund of the Museum of the City, General Consulate of the Kingdom of Netherlands with support of the Gallery of Design invite you to visit photographic exhibition "Window to Dutch Petersburg". The opening of the exhibition is timed to the national holiday in the Kingdom of Netherlands - the Day of the Queen. "Window to Dutch Petersburg" is the first photo exhibition from the cycle "Foreigners in Saint Petersburg". The exhibition is dedicated to Holland heritage in Saint Petersburg which is expressed in architecture, sculpture, gardens and parks art. The theme of the exhibition reflects the history of cultural ties of the Kingdom of Netherlands and Saint Petersburg since the times of Peter the Great till the present time.

Petropavlovskaya Fortress - The State Museum of the History of St. Peterburg

Addres: Saint-Peterburg, 3, Peter and Paul fortress

Direction: "Gorkovskaya" metro station

Phones: (812) 238-4540, 238-4511



-= 9 =-

"Artist's Book" in Fontanny House

German Cultural Center named after Goethe in Saint Petersburg, the Institute of International Communications, Anna Akhmatova Museum in Fontanny House represent he exhibition "Artist's Book". The exhibition "Artist's Book.

Publications and Editions in Germany since 60s" was organized by the Institute of the International Communications in 1994. It consists of several subject parts: Fluksus and Happening; Investigators and Collectors; Writers and Theorists; Artists and Draughtsmen; Documentalists and Copymen.

The part of the exposition is dedicated to work of several German publishing houses.

Museum of Anna Akhmatova in Fountain House

Addres: Saint-Peterburg, 34, Fontanka emb.; 53, Liteyny Prospect

Phones: (812) 272-2211



-= 10 =-

"Persons and Personages" by Vasiliev

Gallery "D137" presents personal exhibition of works by Anatoly Vasiliev

"Persons and Personages". The exhibition consists of two main parts: silhouette portraits of our contemporaries and portraits in water-colour showing not only famous historical personages, Saint Petersburg poets but also some phantoms which occasionally appeared from luminous layers of water-colour. Anatoly Vasiliev calls silhouette portraits "shadow". And these "shadow" are always alike originals at the same time they are a little bit idealized.

Gallery "D137"

Phones: (812) 275-6011



-= 11 =-

19-20th Century Gardens and Parks of Saint Petersburg

In the Gallery of the Central State Archives of Saint Petersburg there is the exhibition of archival documents "19-20th Century Gardens and Parks of Saint Petersburg". The arrangement of parks and gardens has been of great state importance from the time of Saint Petersburg foundation. The very first garden - Letniy (Summer Garden) - was founded according to Peter the

Great decree in 1704. The tradition, which was started by the founder, is still going on. 55 original documents will tell us about the history of Saint Petersburg parks which have not less importance than architectural monuments for the arrangement of the city appearance.


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