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Edition N 203 April 17, 2002
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1. Traditional Exhibition "Gospremia 2001"
2. Sculptures from Sergiev Posad
3. Experimental Area of V.Koleichuk
4. Made in France
5. Exhibition of Works by Rudolf Khachatrian from Armenia
6. Exhibition "Stained-Glass Windows of Marienkirche"
7. N.P.Lamanova`s Creative Work
8. Master of Russian Avant-Guard
9. Strange City
10. Replacement of Guns of Petropavlovskaya Fortress
11. V.A.Vetrogonsky. His Friends and Learners
12. New Museum in Novgorodsky Region

-= 1 =-

Traditional Exhibition "Gospremia 2001"

In Engineer Building of the State Tretyakov Gallery there was opened the exhibition of works by competitors for State Reward of RF in the field of art and literature "Gospremia 2001". The exhibition is organized by the Presidential Commission on State Rewards of RF in the Field of Art and Literature together with the Ministry of Culture of RF and State Tretyakov Gallery. This year the exposition is dedicated to the fine arts. Works differ in style and manner of artistic realization and this tells us of a large creative potential of the Russian art school.

The State Tretyakov Gallery
Addres: Moscow, 10, Lavrushinskii Peryulok
Direction: Metro stations: 'Tretyakovskaya' or 'Novokuznetskaya'
Phones: (095) 953-5223

-= 2 =-

Sculptures from Sergiev Posad
All-Russian Museum of Folk Arts and Crafts Art invites you to the exhibition "Unknown Naive". On display there are wooden sculptures made by Sergiev Posad artists: Valeriy Vorobiev and his wife Natalia Kostina. Works by Natalia and Valeriy are in private collections, galleries, museums of Russia and abroad. Generalized columnar figures look like peasant doll - panka and matreshka, in the painting there's a presence of festal gayness of patchwork and multicolorness of the Old Russian enamel. In the creative outfit of the artists there are traditions of Russian avant-guard of the 1920s.

All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Arts
Addres: Moscow, Delegatskaja street, 3
Phones: (095) 921-0139, 923-7725, 923-1741

-= 3 =-

Experimental Area of V.Koleichuk

Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art opens the exhibition of objects of visual and sound design by Moscow artist and architect Viacheslav Koleichuk. The exhibition is held within the frameworks of European action "Spring of Museums". State Russian Prize laureate, lecturer of Moscow Architecture Institute, professor Viacheslav Fomich Koleichuk represents his opinion on the given conception. His creative experiments cover problem of form building, search for new ways of artistic expressiveness. In his works the artist widens greatly the traditional frames of visual forms of art.

The Moscow Modern Art Museum
Addres: Moscow, Petrovka street, 25
Phones: 200-6375

-= 4 =-

Made in France

The State Center of Contemporary Art, Museum and Public Center named after A.D.Sakharov represent the exhibition "Made in France". This exhibition is the project of artists of non-profit gallery "France", of new institutional initiative of young Moscow radical artists formed by group "Radek" and by Alexey Kallima. The group of young artists is known for its actions and performances; it turns to the theme of social and personal communications, to the problem of understanding of an object in and out the context of social life.

Museum and Public Centre " Peace, Progress and Peoples Rights" named after Andrey Saharov

Addres: Moscow, 57, Zemlyanoy val
Phones: (095) 917-2653, 923-4401, 923-4420

-= 5 =-

Exhibition of Works by Rudolf Khachatrian from Armenia

The Russian Academy of Arts invites you to the exhibition of works by national artist of Armenia Rudolf Khachatrian. The exhibition is dedicated to the 65-year birthday of the artist. The exposition presents paintings and graphic woks, relieves and multi-dimensional compositions reflecting the main periods of artists' development. Rudolf Khachatrian creates his own fantastic world, the world of legends and metaphors taking his art out of the bounds of traditional genre limitations.

The Exibition Hall of the Russian Academy of Arts

Addres: Moscow, 21, Prechistenka street
Phones: 201-4150, 201-4771

-= 6 =-

Exhibition "Stained-Glass Windows of Marienkirche"
In Big Hall of Winter Palace there is the exhibition was prepared by the group of restorers of the State Hermitage. The exposition displays 15 items from 111 stained-glass windows which are kept in the Museum and which are unique well-preserved complex of the 14th century created for the altar part of Virgin Mary Church (Marienkirche) in Frankfurt an der Oder. The exhibition acquaints visitors not only with 15 stained-glass windows, but also with the work of the group of restorers of the State Hermitage. The group restored delicate and light works of medieval art

The State Hermitage
Addres: Saint-Peterburg, 34-36, Dvortsovaya Nabarezhnaya
Direction: From "Nevsky Prospect" metro station, take any of the following: bus 7, 10; tram 31; troll. 1, 7, 9, 10
Phones: (812) 311-3601, 110-9604, 110-9601

-= 7 =-

N.P.Lamanova`s Creative Work

On 4 April there was opened the exhibition in the State Hermitage. The exhibition is dedicated to Nadejda Petrovna Lamanova (1861 - 1941), one of the most talented Russian couturiers of the 19-20th centuries. Lamanova is one of the creators of the Russian variant of art nouveau in clothes and of the Russian school of modelling in the Soviet times. Her works were recognized not only in Russia but also in Europe in the beginning of the 20th century. The State Hermitage has rich collection of costumes of the end of the 17th - beginning of the 20th centuries

The State Hermitage
Addres: Saint-Peterburg, 34-36, Dvortsovaya Nabarezhnaya
Direction: From "Nevsky Prospect" metro station, take any of the following: bus 7, 10; tram 31; troll. 1, 7, 9, 10
Phones: (812) 311-3601, 110-9604, 110-9601

-= 8 =-

Master of Russian Avant-Guard

The exhibition of works by Vladimir Baranov-Rossine is carried out in Benua Building from 4 April to 3 June, 2001. The exhibition represents not well known in Russia works by one of the masters of Russian avant-guard. Vladimir Davidovich Baranov-Rossine (1888 - 1942) is an artist, a sculptor, a theoretic of color music and an inventor of "optophonic" piano. The artist began to display his works since 1907, his early landscapes are notable for soft neo-impressionistic manner. Vladimir Baranov-Rossine died in a concentration camp during the II World War. The exposition displays works from the collection of Russian Museum and others

Benois Wing
Addres: Saint-Peterburg, Griboedova channel, 2
Direction: Metro station "Nevsky Prospect"

-= 9 =-

Strange City

The State Museum of History of Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg Comminity "A-Ya", the State Center of Contemporary Art of the RF Ministry of Culture and Saint-Petersburg branch present the exhibition "Strange City" in Rumiantsev's Mansion. The exhibition sums up the course of famous American photoartist Deborah Turbeville "Photography and Visual Art" which was held in 2001-2002 for young professional photographers taking part in the project "Baltic Photoschool". The exposition is like enlarged original model of artistic photo magazine. The exhibition-magazine represents the works by Deborah Turbeville and by students of "Baltic Photoschool".

The Rumiantsev Palace. Exhibition "Leningrad during the reat Patriotic War"
Addres: Saint-Peterburg, 44, English Embankment
Direction: "Nevski prospekt" metro station
Phones: (812) 210-9065, 311-7544

-= 10 =-

Replacement of Guns of Petropavlovskaya Fortress

At the present moment there are major repairs and restoration in Naryshkin Bastion, which are carried out within the program of preparation for the celebration of 300-year birthday of Saint Petersburg. During the restoration works there were found arched brickwork overhead covers (1740s) used for the placing of fortress guns. New guns, which are considered to be lighter than the present howitzers, will be put on the wooden barbettes (the middle of the 19th century example) and will be turned towards the of Vasilievsky Island spit in the direction of embrasure of the 18th century. 20 April, 2002, there will be the last signal shot from the old howitzers, and starting from 21 April new alarm guns will begin working regularly.

Petropavlovskaya Fortress - The State Museum of the History of St. Peterburg
Addres: Saint-Peterburg, 3, Peter and Paul fortress
Direction: "Gorkovskaya" metro station
Phones: (812) 238-4540, 238-4511

-= 11 =-

V.A.Vetrogonsky. His Friends and Learners

"V.A.Vetrogonsky. His Friends and Learners" - this is the title of the exhibition which will be held on 10-21 April, 2002 at the Big Hall of Saint Petersburg Artist Union. The exhibition is carried out in memory of wonderful artist and teacher, national artist of Russia, full member of the Russian Academy of Art - Vladimir Alexandrovich Vetrogonsky. For many years V.A.Vetrogonsky was a leader of the graphical workshop of the Institute named after I.Repin. Many of his students - different years graduates - will also take part in this exhibition. At the opening of the exhibition there will be a presentation of book by Vetrogonsky published in Febryary, 2002. The exhibition is held under support of Saint Petersburg Artist Union, the Russian Academy of Arts and Graphic Studio.

The exhibition hall of the St. Petersburg Artists Association houses
Addres: Saint-Peterburg, 38, Bolshaya Morskaya street
Phones: (812) 314-3060

-= 12 =-

New Museum in Novgorodsky Region

There is an intention to open State Museum of Art Culture of Novgorodsky Region on the base of Desiatinny Monastery in Veliky Novgorod. The organization of the museum, where arts and crafts will be represented, is one of the main points of the program "Culture of Novgorodsky Region". The program is to be realized in 2002-2005. At the present moment the reconstruction of three Novgorod churches is coming to an end.

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