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Edition N 201                                            March 20, 2002
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1. Exhibition of Works by Julia Karpova in "Old English Yard"
2. It Has Been Lately, It Had Been Long Ago
3. Photo Exhibition "Bumblebee's Look"
4. The World of Russian Remote Place
5. Exhibitions in the Folk Crafts Fund
6. 200-year Birthday of Pavel Voinovich Naschokin
7. Exhibition and Competition in Rumiantsevs Mansion
8. "Saint Petersburg Children" in Anna Akhmatova Museum
9. Science and Culture of Saint Petersburg in the 18th Century
10. Exhibition "Russian Emperors" in Vladimir
11. Photographer to the Tsar: Sergei Prokudin-Gorskii

-= 1 =-
Exhibition of Works by Julia Karpova in "Old English Yard"
The branch of the Museum of History of Moscow City represents the exhibition of
works by artist Julia Karpova "Moscow Streets and Lanes". The crayoned pictures,
water-colour paintings and paintings made with oil-paint and gouache acquaint us
with landscapes of Moscow of the 80-s of the 20th century.

Old English Yards Chambers
Addres: Moscow, Varvarka str., 4a
Phones: (095) 298-3952, 298-3961

-= 2 =-
It Has Been Lately, It Had Been Long Ago
The State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia invites you to the
exhibition "It Has Been Lately, It Had Been Long Ago". At the exhibition here
are numerous things from the 20th century, everyday stuff - bank bills, gymnasia
pupils' diaries, books on the three Russian revolutions, photos on the sports
development in pre-Revolutionary Russia, documents of pace-makers, letters from
the front, files on people who were subject to repression in 1930-s. The
exhibition also represents such rare exhibits as bride's dowry of the beginning
of the 20th century, the lamp symbolizing formation of the USSR, and some
others… The last part of the exhibition represents materials on contrterrorist
operations of the governmental troops in Chechnya.

State Museum of Contemporary Russian History
Addres: Moscow, 21, Tverskaya Street
Direction: Metro Stations: Pushkinskaya, Tverskaya, Chekhovskaya
Phones: (095) 299-5458, 299-6724

-= 3 =-
Photo Exhibition "Bumblebee's Look"
Photo Center on Gogolevsky Boulevard represents the exhibition of photo works by
Vladimir Lagrange "Bumblebee's Look". Lagrange's photographs show us that nobody
ever given such credence to the nature. Colour, light, music and smell - all
this is in the waves of colour gradations, petals' movements, pulsing fibres. He
is not interested in a flower itself, but its colour, architectonics and
sounding are important for him. He can easily watch and take pictures of a bud
during several hours. These photos are easy way to relax and have a rest.

Association "Photocentre"
Addres: Moscow, 8, Gogolevsky b.
Phones: (095) 290-6996, 291-8602

-= 4 =-
The World of Russian Remote Place
RusArt Gallery invites you to visit the personal exhibition of works by artist
Nikolai Nikolaevich Nasedkin. In his creative work Nasedkin enters the world of
Russian remote place. He finds wonderful images for his drawings and canvases
where light and darkness, good and evil, poorness and spiritual richness live
together. Nasedkin's works are in collections of many museums including the
State Tretyakov Gallery and the State Russian Museum.

RusArt Gallery
Addres: Moscow, 38/1 Frunzenskaya Nab
Phones: (095) 242-8070

-= 5 =-
Exhibitions in the Folk Crafts Fund
The Folk Crafts Fund of Russian Federation invites you to the exhibitions
"Maslenitsa-Obedukha" and "Russian Troika". The exhibition "Maslenitsa-Obedukha"
represents goods of amateur and folk arts connected in different ways with
Maslenitsa. The exhibition "Russian Troika" is a unique one: it represents
various arts and crafts goods dedicated to a horse theme.

Fund of Vernacular Arts of the Russian Federation
Addres: 7, Leontievskij str., Moscow,
Phones: (095) 291-9563

-= 6 =-
200-year Birthday of Pavel Voinovich Naschokin
The exhibition "Pushkin's Friend - Naschokin" was opened in the Green Hall of
the All-Russian Pushkin Museum. It was organized by the All-Russian Pushkin
Museum together with Moscow Gallery "Naschokin's House". The exhibition is
dedicated to the 200-year birthday of P.V.Naschokin. The exhibition represents
portraits of Naschokin's circle, his personal things and correspondence taken
from the largest museums and archives of Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

The National Pushkin Museum
Addres: Saint-Peterburg, 12, Moyka Nabarezhnaya
Direction: From Metro st. "Nevsky Prospekt", take any bus, tram or trolleybus to
the stop called 'Griboyedov Canal'
Phones: (812) 311-3531

-= 7 =-
Exhibition and Competition in Rumiantsevs Mansion
The exhibition and competition of works in dry pastel technique by contemporary
artists from Saint Petersburg was opened in the State Museum of History of Saint
Petersburg. 35 best works will be chosen during the competition. These works
will be represented on the International Festival Eeropastel in Italy in
October, 2002. The exhibition takes place in five halls of the Rumiantsev's
Mansion on English Embankment.

The Rumiantsev Palace. Exhibition "Leningrad during the reat Patriotic War"
Addres: Saint-Peterburg, 44, English Embankment
Direction: "Nevski prospekt" metro station
Phones: (812) 210-9065, 311-7544

-= 8 =-
"Saint Petersburg Children" in Anna Akhmatova Museum
The Museum of Anna Akhmatova in the Fountain House invites you to the exhibition
"Saint Petersburg Children" (Photographs, posters, toys, board games) from the
collections of Saint Petersburg museums. The exposition represents photographs
printed from negatives of 1900-1990s. About a hundred of pictures recreate the
world of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad children covering the whole century;
they show charitable New Year's parties, boarding schools and pioneer centers,
lessons in gymnasia and Soviet schools, amateur performances and sports
competitions, detachments of young defenders of Leningrad and day nursery in
Kazansky Cathedral in 1942.

Museum of Anna Akhmatova in Fountain House
Addres: Saint-Peterburg, 34, Fontanka emb.; 53, Liteyny Prospect
Phones: (812) 272-2211

-= 9 =-
Science and Culture of Saint Petersburg in the 18th Century
Rather unusual exposition "Science and Culture of Saint Petersburg in the 18th
Century" is to open in the Exhibition Hall of the Museum "Vyborg ". Not leaving
Vyborg Castle, visitors can easily visit Kunstkamera and Lovonosov Museum (it is
possible because of the reconstruction of Lomonosov Museum: exhibits were taken
away from Saint Petersburg and now are situated in Vyborg Castle). At the
present moment the exhibition "Idols, Geniuses, Heroes" from the collection of
the Museum of Urban Sculpture takes place in Vyborg Castle. The exhibition tells
us about famous sculptors and architects and about their works.

Vyborg Museum of Regional Studies
Addres: Leningrad region, Vyborg, Vyborg Castle
Phones: (1278) 2-1515, 2-5186

-= 10 =-
Exhibition "Russian Emperors" in Vladimir
More than 200 reliquiae of history of Russian State have temporarily moved from
the Moscow Red Square to Vladimir. The Cultural and Education Center "Palaty" of
Vladimir and Suzdal Museum and Reserve represents the exhibition "Russian
Emperors" from the collection of the State Historical Museum. The exhibition
shows not only personal belongings of Russians rulers, it also tells us about
Russia, that "we all have lost", about the power and nobility of spirit of the
best people of the nation.

The Vladimir-Suzdal Historical, Architectural and Art Museum Complex
Addres: Vladimir region, 43 Bolshaya Moskovskaya Ulitsa, Vladimir
Direction: From the train station or the central bus station, take the no 5
trolleybus to the stop 'Sobornaya Ploshad'
Phones: (80922) 32-2515, 32-4263

-= 11 =-
Photographer to the Tsar: Sergei Prokudin-Gorskii
The photographs of Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii (1863-1944) offer a
vivid portrait of a lost world--the Russian Empire on the eve of World War I and
the coming revolution. His subjects ranged from the medieval churches and
monasteries of old Russia, to the railroads and factories of an emerging
industrial power, to the daily life and work of Russia's diverse population. In
the early 1900s Prokudin-Gorskii formulated an ambitious plan for a photographic
survey of the Russian Empire that won the support of Tsar Nicholas II. Between
1909-1912, and again in 1915, he completed surveys of eleven regions, traveling
in a specially equipped railroad car provided by the Ministry of Transportation.
Prokudin-Gorskii left Russia in 1918, going first to Norway and England before
settling in France. By then, the tsar and his family had been murdered and the
empire that Prokudin-Gorskii so carefully documented had been destroyed. His
unique images of Russia on the eve of revolution--recorded on glass plates--were
purchased by the Library of Congress in 1948 from his heirs. For this
exhibition, the glass plates have been scanned and, through an innovative
process known as digichromatography, brilliant color images have been produced.
This exhibition features a sampling of Prokudin-Gorskii's historic images
produced through the new process; the digital technology that makes these
superior color prints possible; and celebrates the fact that for the first time
many of these wonderful images are available to the public
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