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Edition N 199                                            February 20, 2002
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1. The 12th Russian Antiquarian Salon
2. Fashion and Costumes of Russia in the 18th Century Engravings
3. Russian Paintings from the Collection of the Penza Art Gallery
4. The Jubilee Exhibition "Leonidov's Century"
5. The Exhibition of Works by the I.Shagin
6. Erudite Whim (N.B.Yusupov's Collection)
7. Etchings and Pastels by Evgeny Dubitsky
8. New Exposition in the Rumyantsev's Mansion
9. Enthony Suou. Without the Wall
10. New Exposition in Spaso-Evfimiev Monastery

-= 1 =-
The 12th Russian Antiquarian Salon
Traditional Antiquarian Salon will be held in spring, 2-8 March, 2002, and
is supposed to be one of the most interesting ones for the last 6 years of
salon existence. At the minimum 140 participants are going to take part in
the 12th Antiquarian Salon. For the first time of its work the Salon is to
occupy the 3d floor of the Central Artist House. The stands will become more
multifarious: outstanding expositions of large antique galleries will
represent items of different epochs and trends and will adjoin mathematical
stands and private collections. The press conference is to take place 2
March at 2.30 p.m. (Press Center of the Central Artist House).

Central House of Artists
Addres: Moscow, Krymskiy val, 10
Direction: Metro Stations Oktyabraskaya, Park Kylturi
Phones: (095) 238-9843, 238-9634

-= 2 =-
Fashion and Costumes of Russia in the 18th Century Engravings
The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts invites you to visit the exhibition from
"Predstav Mne Schegolya" ("Introduce Me a Dandy") which represents Russian
fashion and costumes in the 18th century engravings from the collections of
the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, the State Pushkin Museum, the Russian State
Library. The exhibition is to last till 12 May, 2002. The exibition shows
about 70 works - portrait, lubok, European costumes articles, several
ancient fashion editions of the18th century. In that time a costume becomes
important notional and stylistic symbol, it was a political instrument,
illustration of a new way of life and world outlook.

The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts
Addres: Moscow, 12, Ulitsa Volkchonka
Direction: metro station 'Kropotinskaya'
Phones: (095) 203-9578, 203-7998, 203-7412

-= 3 =-
Russian Paintings from the Collection of the Penza Art Gallery
The State Tretyakov Gallery represents the exhibition of masterpieces
"Russian Paintings of the 18th - first third of the 20th centuries" from the
collection of the Penza Regional Art Gallery named after K.A.Savitsky. The
exhibition is held within the programme "Golden Map of Russia". Only 80
works from 12 000 paintings deposited in the Gallery, were chosen to be
exhibited. Visitors can see works by Konstantin Korovin, Natalia Goncharova,
Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, Robert Falk and many of their contemporaries.

The State Tretyakov Gallery
Addres: Moscow, 10, Lavrushinskii Peryulok
Direction: Metro stations: 'Tretyakovskaya' or 'Novokuznetskaya'
Phones: (095) 953-5223

-= 4 =-
The Jubilee Exhibition "Leonidov's Century"
Ivan Leonidov lived not a long life - from the 9th of February, 1902, till
the 6th of November, 1959. Worked as an architect. Only one of his projects
was actually built: stairs on the slope of a hill in Kislovodsk in Southern
Russia. Ivan Leonidov is a recognized genius - one of the founders of
contemporary architecture - the spiritual leader of today's prospering
masters of world architecture. To celebrate the birthday of Ivan Leonidov on
the 9th of February, 2002, the Schusev State Museum of Architecture has
undertaken the first attempt to assemble together all the material
testimonies of the creativity of our greatest seer. The majority of his
extant original works will be represented in this memorial exhibition, and
all of them will be published in a comprehensive catalogue that will be
available to the public on

The State Reseach Museum of Architecture named after A.B.Schusev
Addres: Moscow, 5, Vozdvizshenka str.
Phones: (095) 290-0551, 291-2109, 291-3649

-= 5 =-
The Exhibition of Works by the I.Shagin
The Union of Photo Artists of Russia together with the Gallery "FotoSoyuz"
represent the exhibition of works by the classic of the Soviet photographic
art Ivan Shagin. The best 13 photographic pictures made during 5 years of
professional activity are shown at the exhibition. Being a military
photographer took photographs of the war from the first day of it till the
end. After the war he continued working in "Komsomolskaya Pravda". In
1950-60s he took a great interest in colour photography. His works were
published in different magazines. The exhibition will last till 2 March,

The "PhotoSoyuz" gallery by the Russian Association of Photo Artists
Addres: Moscow, 5, Pokrovka street
Phones: (095) 921-5727

-= 6 =-
Erudite Whim (N.B.Yusupov's Collection)
The exhibition "Uchenaya Prikhot" (Erudite Whime) which was opened in the
halls of Zimniy Palace, is joint project of three largest Russian museums
that preserved the main part of Yusupov's collection - The Hermitage, The
Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts and Archangelskoe Museum and Mansion. The
exhibition was successfully held in Moscow in 2001. The exposition lets you
know about the greatest European collection of West European paintings and
decorative art of Russia of the 18-19th centuries. The collection was
created by Nikolai Borisovich Yusupov who was a statesman, a diplomat,
director of the Hermitage and Oruzheinaya Palata. More than 150 exhibits -
paintings, sculptures, decorative art items, drawings and volumes of the
unique catalogue of the Yusupov's collection of 1827-1829 - give an idea of
peculiarities of this collection and of its owner's tastes. The exhibition
will be open 8 Feb - 19 May, 2002.

The State Hermitage
Addres: Saint-Peterburg, 34-36, Dvortsovaya Nabarezhnaya
Direction: From "Nevsky Prospect" metro station, take any of the following:
bus 7, 10; tram 31; troll. 1, 7, 9, 10
Phones: (812) 311-3601, 110-9604, 110-9601

-= 7 =-
Etchings and Pastels by Evgeny Dubitsky
The State Museum of History of Saint Petersburg and the Center of Graphic
Art invite you to visit the exhibition of works by Evgeny Dubitsky
"Sozertsanie" ("Contemplation"). The exhibition is taking place in Pechatnya
of Nevskaya Kurtina of Petropavlovskaya Fortress. Since March 2001,
exhibitions of leading Saint Petersburg artists have been held in Pechatnya,
and they were unified by the only theme of Saint Petersburg. Every artist
sees and loves his city in his own way and according to this the main sense
of the project is in this unlimited variety. Evgeny Dubitsky is one of the
most popular artists in Saint Petersburg. His exhibition opened 17 February,
2002, and will last till 30 March, 2002. There are about 40 etchings and 30
pastels by Dubitsky.

Petropavlovskaya Fortress - The State Museum of the History of St. Peterburg
Addres: Saint-Peterburg, 3, Peter and Paul fortress
Direction: "Gorkovskaya" metro station
Phones: (812) 238-4540, 238-4511

-= 8 =-
New Exposition in the Rumyantsev's Mansion
The opening of the took place in the Rumyantsev's Mansion which is one of
the most wonderful buildings on English Bench. The history of this house is
closely connected with considerable events of social, cultural and
scientific life of Saint Petersburg in the 18th-19th centuries. At the
present moment the mansion is occupied by the largest branch of the State
Museum of History of Saint Petersburg with expositions reflecting the
history of the city in the 20th century. The exposition "The History of the
Rumyantsev's Mansion" is to open in one of restored halls. The exhibits
(historical documents, drafts, portraits and photographs) tell us the story
of the building and its owners.

The Rumiantsev Palace. Exhibition "Leningrad during the reat Patriotic War"
Addres: Saint-Peterburg, 44, English Embankment
Direction: "Nevski prospekt" metro station
Phones: (812) 210-9065, 311-7544

-= 9 =-
Enthony Suou. Without the Wall
The exhibition "Without the Wall. Eastern Europe Countries in the Awkward
Period of 1989-1999" was opened in the Marble Palace 8 February, 2002. The
exposition presents about 150 works by famous American photographer Enthony
Suou. His works reflect different sides of life of the countries of the
Eastern Europe during 10 years after the Berlin Wall demolition.

The Marble Palace
Addres: Saint-Peterburg, 5/1, Millionnaya Ulitsa
Direction: From either metro station Gostiny Dvor or Nevsky Prospect, take
any of the following: buses 25, 46, 134; trams 2, 12, 34, 32, 54
Phones: (812) 312-9196, 312-9054

-= 10 =-
New Exposition in Spaso-Evfimiev Monastery
9 February, 2002, the exposition "Suzdal in Cinematography" was started in
Vladimiro-Suzdalsky Museum and Preserve. Suzdal may be called "Russian
Hollywood". There's no other town in our country where so feature films have
been shot. Suzdal for cinema is not only a decoration, picturesque entourage
of different historical epochs. All this will be told in the exposition
"Suzdal in Cinematography".

The Vladimir-Suzdal Historical, Architectural and Art Museum Complex
Addres: Vladimir region, 43 Bolshaya Moskovskaya Ulitsa, Vladimir
Direction: From the train station or the central bus station, take the no 5
trolleybus to the stop 'Sobornaya Ploshad'
Phones: (80922) 32-2515, 32-4263
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