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1. Engravings by Andrey Kostin in Krimsky-val street
2. Russian and German Popular Print
3. Art of the Victorian Age displayed
4. Arts of Indigenous Population of Taimir
5. Fashion in the Theater and the Theatre of Fashion
6. Festival Program in the Museum-Estate "Ostankino"
7. The Dutch Artists of the XX century (1945 - 1985)
8. The First Russian Museum Port

-= 1 =-
Engravings by Andrey Kostin in Krimsky-val street
In Krimsky-val street of the Tretyakov Art Gallery an exhibition "Engravings
by Andrey Kostin" has been opened. The exhibition of Andrey Kostin, a famous
artist-engraver's works is functioning in the Tretyakov Art Gallery in the
days of the author's death anniversary and representing the whole
retrospective of this artist's creative work: beginning from his first
independent engravings dating back to the 1970-ths and up to his last works
made in 2000. Andrey Kostin's engravings, with their impressing images, the
depth of contents and paradox sharpness are really remarkable symbols of our
country's culture. The exposition contains more than 100 engravings from the
collections of the Tretyakov Art Gallery and the artist's family. Ceramics
made within the bounds of the "Money-box" project have been represented by
the "MODIUS" Gallery. The exhibition will be open until October 2001

The State Tretyakov Gallery (20th Century Collection)
Addres: Moscow, 10/14, Krymsky val
Direction: From metro station Oktyabryaskaya on foot, or from Park Kyltury
take trolleybuses B or 10 to the stop called 'Central Park of culture and
Phones: (095) 238-1378, 953-3375, 951-1362, 230-7788 (/)

-= 2 =-
Russian and German Popular Print
An exhibition "Lubok- Bilderbogen. Popular Print in Russia and Germany XIX -
early XX Centuries" has started in the State Historical Museum. 120 Russian
and 60 German sheets are displayed in the exposition. Their plots are:
"Stair-case of life", "On the harm of alcoholism", "A quarrel about
trousers", "World turned upside down", everyday life and love scenes,
portraits of Emperors and battle scenes, too. At the beginning of XX century
popular print attracted professional artists' attention. The exhibition is
the opening-day of popular prints from the collection of the State
Historical Museum based upon Khazimir Malevich's drawings and also sheets of
Publishing House "Popular Print Today", dating back to the period of Word
War I, created by Vladimir Majakovsky and Aristarch Lentulov. A coloured
catalogue of the exhibition has been published, and it includes articles by
Russian and German authors. The exhibition will last until August, 10, 2001.

The State Historical Museum
Addres: Moscow, 1/2, Red Square
Direction: metro stations 'Okhotny Ryad', 'Teatralnaya', 'Ploshchad
Phones: (095) 292-4019, 292-3731

-= 3 =-
Art of the Victorian Age displayed
An exhibition called " Art of the Victorian Age. From the Collection of the
Queen's Academy of Fine Arts, London" is open in the Department of Personal
Collections. The exhibition is a unique chance of acquaintance with one of
the most interesting periods in the history of English art. 25 painted
canvases are presented here. They are mostly diploma works of the artists
who tended to get the title of Academician, submitted for the regard of the
Council. The applicant's luck used to be decided by voting, and in case of a
positive result the canvas remained in the collection of the Academy of Fine
Arts. In spite of its chamber image, the exhibition suggests ideas of the
main ways of development of English painting of the of Queen Victoria's
epoch, showing how on the whole Academy's remaining faithful to the basic
principles, established still in XVIII century, it was going through serious
changes in accordance with the tastes and demands of Early Modern period.
You can visit the exhibition until September, 9, 2001.

Private Collections Museum
Addres: Moscow, 14, Volhonka str.
Direction: Metro Kropotkinskaya
Phones: (095) 203-9578, 203-1546

-= 4 =-
Arts of Indigenous Population of Taimir
The Taimir Museum of Local Lore is displaying its exposition in Moscow, the
All-Russian Museum of Decorative and Applied Arts. The exhibition called
"Patterns of the Tundra" will last until September, 10. More than 250
exhibits, which demonstrate the decorative arts of indigenous population of
Taimir, will be exhibited there, ancient samples as well as modern ones.
Taimir is the only region of Russia, totally situated behind the Northern
Pole; the Eurasian uttermost point is in its territory, it is Cape
Cheluskin. Every people has got its own culture, history and traditions. At
the exhibition one will be able to see samples of decorative and applied art
of all the Taimirian peoples. The visitors will also see various things made
of deer horn, wood and metal.

All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Arts
Phones: (095) 921-0139, 923-7725, 923-1741

-= 5 =-
Fashion in the Theater and the Theatre of Fashion
The Russian Bolshoy Theatre and the Moscow Fashion House of Viacheslav
Zaitsev are presenting a joint project "Fashion in the theater and the
theatre of fashion". Fashion came to the theater's stage together with
performances on modern life. At first, in late XVIII century, the theatre
wardrobe was formed of suits and dresses cribbed off because of obsolesce
from one or another nobleman's or merchant's house. The edge of XIX - XX
centuries was a period of a sudden change in the theatrical decor: solving
all the problems became only one artist's task, and the suit became an
essential part of the whole performance project. Theatrical suites displayed
at the exhibition were based upon drawings by A. Golovin, L. Bukst, K.
Korovin, F. Fedorovkky, V. Rindin, V. Levental, P. Karden and other artists
who used to create suits for the Bolshoy Theatre performances. Drafts by
artists and photos of the leading soloists of opera and ballet, such as F.
Shaliapin and E. Geltser, L. Sobinov and A. Nezhdanova, I. Kozlovsky and S.
Lemeshev, I. Arkhipova and E. Obraztsova have been used in the exposition.
June, 15 is going to be the opening-day, which will be held in the Museum of
the Bolshoy Theatre. The exhibition will function until September, 16.

The Museum of the Bolshoi Theatre
Phones: (095) 292-0593, 292-0025

-= 6 =-
Festival Program in the Museum-Estate "Ostankino"
Musical Festival "Sheremetiev's Seasons in Ostankino" has been organized to
coincide with Duke Nicolay Sheremetiev's 250-th birthday anniversary. The
Festival will be held from June, 16 up to June, 24, in the Theatre of the
Moscow Museum-Estate "Ostankino". The Festival program includes music by
Russian composer D. Bortniansky, Chorus of Church-Museum of St. Nicolas in
Tolmachi of the State Tretiakov Art Gallery and also comic operas by A.-E.
Gretry "Friendship Experience" and "Talking Picture" from the repertoire of
Nicolay Sheremetiev's Serf Theatre.

Moscow Museum and Estate "Ostankino"
Addres: Moscow, 5, Pervaya Ostankinskaya ulitsa
Direction: Take tram 11 or 17 from metro station VDNKh
Phones: (095) 286-6288, 283-4645

-= 7 =-
The Dutch Artists of the XX century (1945 - 1985)
June, 8, 2001 - September, 3, 2001. The opening day of the Stedlik-Museam
(The Museum of the City), Amsterdam, Kingdom of Netherlands, was held in the
State Hermitage. 33 works of art of Dutch artists, representatives of
abstract expressionism - one of the main trends in the art of the second
half of XX century in Western Europe and the USA as well are disposed at the
exhibition. After the end of World War II creative intellectuals had to
revise and give their new estimation of what was really valid and eternal in
art. The Dutch artists saw their way in abstract expressionism, the core of
which was to think and create in an emancipated manner, just like children
do. One of the most remarkable appearances of this period in Holland was the
artists' association named "KOBRA" (the term was composed out of the initial
letters of the capitals of states - Copenhagen, Brussels, Amsterdam), which
existed from 1949 up to 1951. Works of members of this association, the
Dutchmen Appel and Constant, the Belgium Cornel, and also the "KOBRA's"
followers, such as Brunghts, Benner, Lattaster and Hussem are represented at
the exhibition. The exhibition has been organized with the support of the
Foundation of the Hermitage's Friends in Netherlands and the "Ingosstrah
(Foreign Insurance Office) - Petersburg". A scientific catalogue of the
Hermitage in cooperation with the Publishing House "Slavia" has been
prepared for the opening-day of the exhibition.

The State Hermitage
Addres: Saint-Peterburg, 34-36, Dvortsovaya Nabarezhnaya
Direction: From "Nevsky Prospect" metro station, take any of the following:
bus 7, 10; tram 31; troll. 1, 7, 9, 10
Phones: (812) 311-3601, 110-9604, 110-9601

-= 8 =-
The First Russian Museum Port
In Pietrozavodsk, in the Embankment of Onega Lake, the opening of the first
in Russia Museum Port named "Peter the Grate's Harbor" is being planned.
Nothing like that has ever been in Russia. According to the project, museum
exhibits - ships of various epochs - will be placed on the surface of the
water, along the moorage. A port of hiring boats for sea walks will be also
opened. It is possible to see the Museum Port already now, but its official
presentation will be held later, on the Day of the City, June, 28. The
opening of the "Peter the Grate's Harbor" will be, from the point of view of
the authors, an event of All-Russian scale, that is why a lot of guests,
including leaders of Russian regions, will be invited to the presentation.
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