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1. The Necessities of the XX Century's Interior
2. Golden Map of Russia. The Museum of Archangelsk.
3. Metamorphosis of Paper from Private collections
4. Exhibition "From the very youth study hard!"
5. Exhibition "The Epoch of Sakharov"
6. Under the roof of the Zimny Palace
7. Greek Realm in Russian Art
8. Exhibitions in the Museum of Anna Akhmatova

-= 1 =-
The Necessities of the XX Century's Interior
The State Historical Museum invites visitors to the exhibition "The Museum
of the XX Century". It is a joint project of the Museum and the journal
"Ogoniok". Editorial board of the journal "Ogoniok" has decided to remind
the readers of significant features of the past century in its column "The
Museum of the XX Century". During the last two years the journal has created
an original virtual museum, by the lips of famous people reminding us of the
objects without which the interior of the XX century could not exist, and it
was high time to show them in a real museum. In "The Museum of the XX
Century" there are a lot of various exhibits - beginning from the
paper-fastener and the badge "GTO" ("Ready for labor and defense") up to the
push-cycle and the gramophone. The exhibition will last until June, 4, 2001.

The State Historical Museum
Addres: Moscow, 1/2, Red Square
Direction: metro stations 'Okhotny Ryad', 'Teatralnaya', 'Ploshchad
Phones: (095) 292-4019, 292-3731

-= 2 =-
Golden Map of Russia. The Museum of Archangelsk.
Until July, 1, the 11-th exhibition "Golden Map of Russia", "The Portrait of
the Museum. Research and Discoveries" from the collection of the State
Museum Association "Art and Culture of the Russian North", Archangelsk, will
be open in the Tretyakov Art Gallery. The Museum has displayed only eight
icons and two sculptures, leaving more space to the collections of Russian
and Soviet painting and also a unique collection of Kholmogor bone-carving.
The demonstration of painting of XVIII - early XX centuries can be indeed
called an opening-day. Practically, the whole of it is being shown to the
public for the first time. A special object of attention is the modern
collection of Kholmogor bone-carving, the most famous among the collections
of this kind. The Museum manages to buy their best works from contemporary
artists, who know ancient secrets of filigree bone-carving. The exhibition's
title - "The Portrait of the Museum. Research and Discoveries" - reflects
the core of the short, but impressing history of the Archangelsk Museum.

The State Tretyakov Gallery
Addres: Moscow, 10, Lavrushinskii Peryulok
Direction: Metro stations: 'Tretyakovskaya' or 'Novokuznetskaya'
Phones: (095) 953-5223

-= 3 =-
Metamorphosis of Paper from Private collections
The Department of private collections of the State Museum of Fine Arts by
name of Pushkin invites visitors to the opening-day of the exhibition
"Metamorphosis of Paper". The exhibition is the development of a series of
expositions of the State Historical Museum (GMII), devoted to the drawing
arts of the XX century. Silhouettes of paper, stereo-drawings, hand moulded
paper, papier-mashe, masks, sculpture and other objects of paper are
displayed. The exhibits are divided into 4 categories: "Paper mass", "At the
boundaries of flat and stereo" "Weightless sculpture" and "Theatre magic".
Chronologically, the exhibition embraces the whole century - beginning from
E. Kruglikova's paper silhouettes of 1910 and up to O. Kudriashov's paper
relieves, dated 2000. All in all, about 120 works by 24 artists from the
Drawing department collection of GMII, artists' workshops and private
collection are displayed here. The exhibition will last until June, 15,

The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts
Addres: Moscow, 12, Ulitsa Volkchonka
Direction: metro station 'Kropotinskaya'
Phones: (095) 203-9578, 203-7998, 203-7412

-= 4 =-
Exhibition "From the very youth study hard!"
On May, 30, in the Central Museum of Ancient Russian Culture and Art by name
of Andrey Rubliov, an exposition of icons restored by students of the
Restoration Department of the Moscow State Academic Art school by name of
the 1905-th year and the Chair of icon restoration of the faculty of Church
Arts of the St-Tikhon Theological Institute (Chairman - artist and restorer
of the highest qualification, G.S. Klokova) is going to be opened. More than
50 icons dated by XVII - early XX centuries are presented at the exhibition.
The majority of the displayed works of icon-painting will be shown to the
visitors for the first time.

The Andrei Rublev Museum of Early Russian Culture and Art
Addres: Moscow, 10, Andronevskaya sq.
Phones: (095) 278-5055, 278-1489, 278-1467

-= 5 =-
Exhibition "The Epoch of Sakharov"
On May, 18, International Museums' Holiday, and the 80-th birthday eve of
Andrey Dmitrievich Sakharov, an Exhibition "The Epoch of Sakharov" was be
opened in the Museum and Public Centre by name of Andrey Sakharov. The
exposition embraces the historical period of 1945 - 1991, a sequence of
"frosts" and "thaws", which ended by disintegration of the USSR and
appearance of the necessary conditions of political liberty in Russia. A
witness and participant of these important events had been Andrey Sakharov,
whose name and personality have become symbol or Russian democracy, will to
freedom and protection of human rights. Photo materials, documents from
state and private archives, most important works of art of the epoch, issues
of Soviet press are displayed at the exhibition. The exhibition will last
until June, 30, 2001.

Museum and Public Centre " Peace, Progress and Peoples Rights" named after
Andrey Saharov
Addres: Moscow, 57, Zemlyanoy val
Phones: (095) 917-2653, 923-4401, 923-4420
E-mail:, gorina@sakharov-center

-= 6 =-
Under the roof of the Zimny Palace
Prospective of mastering garret spaces of the Hermitage building. On May,
16, 2001, presentation of a program of mastering garret spaces of the
Hermitage building took place. Living space of the garrets of the Hermitage
is equal to more than thirty hundred square meters. Building constructions
that have survived inside the garrets have got historical value as memorials
of engineering thought of the past. Imprints of many reconstructions and
marks made by the Great Patriotic War have become a kind of a chronicle
telling of the history of the country, of former inhabitants of the Palace,
of building technologies of various epochs. Plans of mastering this
prospective zone, which could be used for making various expositions,
placing lecture halls, clubs, cafes and small restaurants are currently
being worked out in the Hermitage. A project of an excursion showing the
public the garrets of the Zimny Palace already exists. The first step to
realize the program is reconstruction of the elevator at the Komendantsky
doorway. The new elevator for lifting people and exhibits has got the space
for 13 persons and makes the exposition of the second and third floors
accessible for disabled people. At the exhibition "Under the roof of the
Zimny Palace", specially organized by the moment of the Program's
presentation, details of constructions and tools of XVIII - XX centuries,
samples of electrotechnical equipment, dating back to 1886 - 1965, have been
displayed, as well as sanitary engineering devices of late XIX - early XX
centuries, which had helped to extinguish fire bombs on the roof of the
Zimny Palace during the Great Patriotic war.

The State Hermitage
Addres: Saint-Peterburg, 34-36, Dvortsovaya Nabarezhnaya
Direction: From "Nevsky Prospect" metro station, take any of the following:
bus 7, 10; tram 31; troll. 1, 7, 9, 10
Phones: (812) 311-3601, 110-9604, 110-9601

-= 7 =-
Greek Realm in Russian Art
The exhibition "Greek Realm in Russian Art" has been opened in Stroganov
Palace. 80 paintings and drawings dated XVIII - XIX centuries from the
collection of the Russian Museum are presented in the exposition. The
interest towards ancient Hellenic lands has always been a necessary feature
of Russian culture and art. Following aesthetic traditions of ancient Greek
art, using Hellenic topics and myths have been specific for every phase of
its development. The theme of Greek realm in Russian art will always remain
a subject of great interest because of the world-wide significance of the
ancient civilization which was born in Hellenic lands.

Stroganov Palace
Phones: (812) 311-8238

-= 8 =-
Exhibitions in the Museum of Anna Akhmatova
Two exhibitions are functioning in the Museum of Anna Akhmatova. Until June,
10, 2001 you will be able to visit Vladimir Tsivin's exhibition called
"Sculpture". Vladimir Tsivin's approach to ceramic sculpture is largely
based upon the traditions of Egyptian and archaic Greek plastics. The author
himself also mentions his admiration at Japanese ceramics, especially the
ones which have grown old in the open air, in the gardens. Works of several
past years, created in different countries, in various techniques and
material, are displayed here. The second exhibition consists of works by
Ilia Erenburg, author of poetry, prose and publicist, and is called "Ilia
Erenburg - photographer". His camera had always been with him during his
numerous journeys, where he had taken photos of his friends and public
figures in cultural sphere. In those days photography was not yet so
wide-spread as it is now, that professionalism in it requires special
methods. Photography was not yet recognizes as an art, though it indeed was
one. This is probably the reason why photos of the first decades of XX
century are now attracting spectators so much. The exhibition will be open
until July, 2, 2001.

Museum of Anna Akhmatova in Fountain House
Addres: Saint-Peterburg, 34, Fontanka emb.; 53, Liteyny Prospect
Phones: (812) 272-2211
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